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Vapors - Sleep

The caster can conjure forth magical vapors, which pour out from around his feet, hands, or just suddenly begin to swirl in the air (caster's discretion). These vapors resemble soft, billowy, white clouds and will only cover the caster's immediate area (if the spell rank is Gd(10) or less) or the caster's area and 1 adjacent area of his choice (if the spell rank is Ex(20) of better). The vapors are not of sufficient density to affect anyone's vision.

Everyone but the caster who is in the vaporous area(s) must make an Endurance FEAT roll or fall asleep for 1d10+2 rounds. Loud noises, being nudged, and other "awakening" conditions will arouse the characters affected. These vapors only last for 1 round, then dissipate.