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Vapors - Resist Death

The caster can conjure forth magical vapors, which pour out from around his feet, hands, or just suddenly begin to swirl in the air (caster's discretion). These vapors will only cover 1 individual the caster chooses within the area of spell. This character must be dying or dead for no more than 2 rounds when the spell is cast. These extremely powerful vapors will bring the character up to 0 Health points and keep him there (if he has died) or will freeze him at the level of his current Health and Endurance. This "freezing" of the character will last for the duration of effect and allows for time to treat his wounds or the condition which is killing him (taking him to a hospital, applying spells that heal, etc.)

Once applied, these vapors wrap the target in a black, swirling shroud. The target remains unconscious while in the vapors.

The caster can dissipate the vapors at will. Once gone, by the caster's will or at the end of the duration of spell, the character starts dying.

If the character the caster is trying to save has been dead for over 2 rounds, but less than 3 hours, the caster can try to create a special, potent vapor which will have the same effect as described above. To create this special vapor requires the caster to make a spell rank FEAT roll and deduct 1 rank from his Psyche (for a week) whether he succeeds in the spell or not. The caster can keep attempting this spell, but must deduct the Psyche rank each time he tries. If his Psyche rank drops to Fb(2) or below, due to the exercising of this spell, he permanently loses a Psyche rank.