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The caster can channel his Universal or Dimensional energy into a special type of movement that allows him to travel instantaneously from one spot to another without physically crossing any of the space between. The caster can teleport as far as his area of effect allows. If the caster is familiar with the location he is teleporting to, or is able to see it, then he need make no FEAT roll. If he is attempting to teleport into an unknown location he must make a spell rank FEAT roll. A failed roll means he could not complete the movement and was "bumped" back to his original point of departure.

If a caster tries teleporting into a solid object (because he is unaware of its presence) he must make an Endurance FEAT roll; if this roll fails, he materializes outside the object but suffers damage equal to the material rank of the object. The character is automatically slammed (1 area) and may be stunned (make a FEAT roll for exact result).

The visual effects that accompany teleporting (vapors rising, flash of light, slow fade out, etc.) are up to the player.