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Plant Control

The caster can communicate with and control all forms of vegetation within the area of effect. Plants can be used to attack (damage and Strength or Agility equals the plant's Material Strength +1CS, usually Ty(6) or Gd(10)), as spies (the caster can verbally communicate with the controlled plants) and a wide range of miscellaneous uses (as ladders, cushions, bindings, etc.).

A magic wielder of a Nature magic school using this spell shifts the plants' attack abilities up another +1CS, and can communicate through a chain of plants (for example, a tree talking to a field of wheat, which asks a moss covered embankment what the caster wishes to know) as well as directly with 1 plant.

Note: Whenever communications with plants occur 2 things must be kept in mind: plants are not too bright and cannot identify things by sight but by feeling their size and weight as they pass by; fields and other large groupings of small plants are considered as 1 entity.