Terrigen Mists

This substance can be used to mutate characters into super-powered beings, often with deformities but also with possible great powers.

The Mist can be used on any character with an Endurance lower than Mn, that character may attempt an In Endurance FEAT Roll to avoid the effect.

Character's Physical and Mental stats cannot be raised higher than Un(100) through exposure to the Terrigen Mist.

After the Inhuman hero is generated(Stats, Powers, etc.) and then modified through the standard modification table, the character's stats and powers are then further modified through exposure to the Mist. Use the tables below to enact this process.

Physical Stats Modified by the Mist
F, A, S, E, Power Modification 1d100

Mental Stats Modified by the Mist
R,P 1d100

Intuition Modified by the Mist
I 1d100

Power Ranks of New Powers
Rank 1d100
Finally, this process affects the characters memory of his previous life but this can be regained, slowly.