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The hero can travel along vertical or inverted surfaces with only minor difficulty. The maximum speed, assuming the hero is using all his limbs to Spiderclimb, is the same as the hero's normal ground movement rate. Each pair of limbs not used to climb decreases the overall speed -2CS. For example, Spiderman can walk up a wall using only his feet if he is holding something in both arms, but it takes longer because of his decreased grip on the wall.

The Power rank determines how strong the hero's adhesion is to a given surface. The climber must make an Intensity FEAT based on the relative slipperiness of a surface.

The hero can carry additional weight. The amount is based on the hero's own weight and strength. Each additional mass equal to his body's weight decrease the Power's effectiveness -1CS.

Example: Spiderman has In(40) Strength and Am(50) Spiderclimbing. He weighs 165LBS. Each additional 165LBS of mass Spiderman carries decreases his Power rank -1CS. Attempting to climb while carrying the Thing (weight of 500LBS) decreases his rank to Ex(20) (if the Thing is hanging from a web) or Gd(10) (if Spiderman is actually carrying him).

The hero can move through dense vines, tangled vines, or similar areas by using this Power instead of Agility.

The Nemeses are various Matter Conversions.

Range: See Above.