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Robot - Metamorphic

Robot - MetamorphicThis is a robot whose design is so flexible it can change into 2 or more forms, each possessing different Physical Abilities and Physical Powers. Most Metamorphs have a dual nature. The primary form is a human-shape; the secondary form may be a vehicle or usuform. Both forms weigh the same, but may be different sizes. A Metamorph can change into a form that is up to 3X's larger than the smaller form. If the metamorph possesses size-altering Powers, this limit is replaced by that Power's limit.

Note: The player must generate separate Physical abilities for each form and assign Powers to either or both forms.

Metamorphs have a minimum of 2 forms. In the creation process, additional forms can be gained at a cost of -1CS to all Primary Abilities for each additional form gained.
Body Armor:  Their Material Strength acts as Body Armor.
Self-Healing: Player character robots possess self-repair facilities that simulate normal Healing.

Note: There is Karma loss if a hero purposely destroys a sentient robot. Robots are people too. Non-sentient robots are cannon fodder.

These Robots roll their Abilities on Column 4 of the Random Ranks Table.