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Step 3: Generate Primary & Secondary Abilities

Each role-playing game has a set of basic characteristics for each character. These define such things as physical and mental traits, damage resistance, and how the character interacts with his world. In the MARVEL SUPER HEROESTM game, these are the 7 primary abilities:
  1. Fighting: A measure of raw combat ability
  2. Agility: A measure of dexterity and nimbleness
  3. Strength: Physical muscle power
  4. Endurance: Personal toughness and physical resistance
  5. Reason: Intelligence and the capacity for logical thought
  6. Intuition: Wisdom, wit, common sense, and battle reflexes
  7. Psyche: Mental strength and willpower.
These are complemented by the 4 Secondary Abilities:
  1. Health: The amount of physical damage a character can absorb before losing consciousness and possibly his life. (Fighting + Agility + Strength + Endurance)
  2. Karma: The measure of experience. (Reason + Intuition + Psyche)
  3. Resources: The hero's available wealth
  4. Popularity: The hero's reputation within his normal environment

Note: Certain Physical Forms have pregenerated stats. These should go directly to the Modification Table.

Unless stated otherwise, initial Resources for all Characters being generated are set at Ty(6). This would then be modified on the Modification Table.

After Modifying the Character's Resources, move on to generate your Character's Popularity.