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Power Simulation

This is not an actual Magical Power. What it is is a Magical version of any Power in this database. The player simply rolls the dice again at this point to randomly determine another Power. Such a Power is to then considered to be Magical in nature and follows the rules for Magic rather than for relatively normal Power. For example, whereas Cyclops can simply open his ruby visor to unleash a glowing Kinetic bolt, a Mage with the Magical equivalent must go through the motions of casting a spell to achieve the same effect. This can be a problem when the Mage is in a combat situation but no one said a Mage's life was easy.

Once this Magical Power appears and the player rolls again to gain an actual Power, any other Powers the player gains should also be considered to be Magical in nature. This may require the player to re-think his concept of his developing hero.

Range: None.