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The caster, by remaining immobile and concentrating fully, can look back in time, seeing a vision of past events. The maximum area he can observe is his area of effect. He cannot be seen by those shades of the past and he can hear no sound. This spell requires full concentration. A successful spell rank FEAT roll is required.

The range of time that may be traveled back is 3 months multiplied by the caster's Psyche rank number. For example, a character with an Am(50) Psyche (50 points) can go back 150 months, or 12 years, 6 months. The vision starts at the far end of the time span and runs towards the present. If the caster makes another successful FEAT roll he can "freeze" the vision, or replay an event already shown. He cannot interfere in any way with time, only observe what has happened in the space he is concentrating on.

Note: The Judge can rule that magic artifacts or ancient rites will allow a character to look back over millennia.