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This spell enables the caster to mystically rise into the air. A successful spell rank FEAT roll is required. No further FEAT rolls are needed unless the caster descends to the ground, and then want to levitate again during the duration of the spell. The maximum altitude a levitating character can reach is 1 area at Gd(10) rank, with an additional 2 areas for every spell rank above Gd(10) (thus, a caster with a Rm(30) Levitation spell can reach an altitude of 5 areas). The movement speed (rising or descending) per round is 1 area for a character with Gd Psyche with an additional area for each Psyche rank above Gd. The character cannot use this spell to lift any weight greater than his normal clothing and equipment. This spell affects the caster only.

The character can perform other actions while airborne, including combat, but is limited to 1 spell per round regardless of the type of energy (personal, universal, or dimensional). If knocked unconscious while levitated, a character will immediately fall to the ground.

This spell should not be mistaken for the ability to fly (see the Flight spell). Levitation only allows vertical movement. Sideways movement is only achievable by the levitating character pulling himself along an object. A levitating character cannot create forward momentum to affect the direction of his ascent. It is always straight up. While wind has no affect on a floating caster's ascent direction, it can slow him down if the Judge feels it is strong enough.