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Mass Increase

The hero can increase his body's mass. His weight is multiplied by the power rank number. For example, a 98-pound weakling with Rm(30) rank can increase his mass to 2,940 pounds (30 x 98). Fortunately, a side effect of this power increases the hero's basic strength. No matter how much the hero weighs, he can still move as if he were his normal weight. Lifting strength remains the same. Of course, as the hero weighs more, he has a greater effect on the environment. At 2,940 pounds, our hero can fall through previously sound flooring or collapse the shocks on his 1973 VW Beetle. Physical force has a decreased effect on the hero because of his greater mass. In game terms, the power gives the hero power rank resistance to physical attacks. The hero can also use the power rank instead of his strength to inflict charging damage. Formerly weak characters can embarrass their adversaries with this new-found might. For example, the macho super-criminal Manbrute may flee into obscurity when Wimp-man simply sits on him with all 2,940 pounds, then delivers a stinging lecture on the benefits of niceness while the camera crews have a field day.

Range: None.