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(Magic) Energy Source

The Mage draws his Magic from a special source that provides him with all the raw Power he needs. As long as the Mage can maintain his link with his Source, he can continue to use the Magic it provides. The nature of the Source and the link vary by individual case. If the source is small enough, the Mage might be required to carry it with him. If not, perhaps the Mage has to simply return to the Source at regular intervals or forge a mystical "silver cord" that ties him to the Source, regardless of the intervening distance. The Judge ana player should work together to develop a playable Source and link.

If the link is severed or the Source destroyed, the Mage is left with a finite supply of Magic. The amount of raw Magic he has left is the number of points equal to his Psyche rank. Each spell he casts depletes that reservoir by the Effects rank number. Obviously, it is in the Mage's best interests to renew his link or repair the Source as quickly as possible.

Example: Rolthes the Wizard draws his Power from a glowing Orb he keeps in his Iowa City apartment. Holding the Orb at dawn renews his Power for another day. Tuesday night the Orb got stolen. Rolthes has Ex(20) Psyche and thus retains a reservoir of 20 points worth of Magic. ("Why couldn't it have been stolen after I went to work?" he mutters.) He has enough Magic left for 10 Fb, 5 Pr, 3 Ty, 2 Gd, or 1 Ex spell. He casts a Ty Telelocation spell with a range of 250 miles. It costs him 6 points, but at least he knows the Orb is in a truck in Grinnell only 50 miles away. 14 points are left. Rolthes expends another 6 in a Ty Teleportation spell into the truck, which leaves him with 8 points worth of Magic with which to Mind Control the thief and reclaim the Orb.

As you are beginning to suspect, this isn't really a Power but is more like a restraint. Take heart, because it is also a freebie. Mark this down on an additional slot on your sheet and roll again for an additional Power.

Range: None