Melee & Thrown Weapons

The common melee weapons listed here are listed according to Cost, Damage, Type(Edged Attack(EA), Edged Throwing(ET), Blunt Attack(BA), Blunt Throwing(BT), Grappling(Gp), or Grabbing(Gb)), and Material Strength.

When attacking with an object in a Blunt Attack, the hero inflicts damage equal to his Strength or the material strength of the item, whichever is less. When attacking with a weapon designed for combat, the
Ammunition Table
NameCostDamageTypeMaterial Strength
Great SwordGd15--
Great AxeEx15EA-
character will always inflict damage of the effects type listed and always a minimum of the damage listed (a knife will always inflict at least 10 points). A powerful character may inflict up to his Strength or the material strength of the object in damage, whichever is less. Example: Wonder Man with his bare hands can inflict up to 100 points of damage in slugfest. With a normal knife he can inflict a minimum of 10 points Edged Attack, and a maximum of 20 points (Ex material) damage. That is why Wondy doesn't carry a knife.

Note: If a weapon hits a material of higher material strength (knife against the Hulk's skin), there is a chance of it breaking as if purposely attempting to break the weapon. Make a Breaking FEAT roll, comparing the material strength of the object and either the Strength of the wielder or the material strength or Body Armor(or similar power) of the target. Example:Black Knight attacks Hulk with a regular sword (his Ebony Blade is being polished). The sword is Ex(20) material, Hulk's Body Resistance is Mn(75), and Black Knight's Strength is Gd(10). The attack inflicts no damage, and a second check is made, Gd Strength breaking an Ex material sword, to see if the blade breaks.

Knife: defined as any blade weapon with a blade up to 12". May be thrown as a thrown object.

Swords: considered 1-handed blade weapons with blades over 12" long. Not normally thrown.

Great Swords: are 2-handed blade weapons. They may be wielded 1-handed at -2CS to hit.

Axes: any chopping weapon, including fire axes, that may be wielded with 1 hand. Can be thrown as a thrown edged weapon.

Great Axes: 2-handed chopping weapons, used by medieval-type folk.

Spear: considered as any thrusting blade with a handle over 1' long, and is normally thrown or wielded with 2 hands.

Clubs: standard blunt weapons, and include make-shift weapons such chairs and tables.

Shuriken: are also called throwing stars. Maximum range of these stars is 3 areas.

Boomerang: a flat, curved throwing stick. Only a character with a Throwing talent may cause a Boomerang to return to his hands.

Whips: can make Grappling or Grabbing attacks from a distance, as if the whip had a Strength equal to its material strength. Example: a villain using a leather whip tries to entangle a charging hero. The villain rolls a Grappling attack on the Ty column. The result would then be a Miss, Partial hold, or Full hold.