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Ruled By: Unrevealed.

This is a stronghold of a colony of alien humanoids, origin unknown, whose spaceship crash-landed upon a small, extradmensional world, approximately a million years ago. The ship's warp-drive engines somehow created a permanent, oscillating rift between the pocket-dimension world and Earth's dimension. This caused the settlement to shift into Earthly space periodically on a site in the remote Himalayan Mountain range in Tibet.

The K'un-Lunians cannibilized their ship and built a city. No citizens alive today know that the Central Hall of Ancestors was once the spaceship that bore them to their world. Now that the mystical emerald crystal that regulated the dimensional matrices has been broken by K'un-Lun's adopted champion Iron Fist, the duration of this period of interface with the Earth is unknown.

Apocryphal stories about K'un-Lun told by travelers gave rise to the Chinese legend of the same name. Master Khan is a sinster god of K'un-Lun who demands bloody acts of devotion from his followers. If this cult ever spread out of K'un-Lun, it could cause real problems for the mystical forces of Order.