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Magical Item Conditions Table

Item Conditions
1-50There are no conditions to the item (it operates as described.)
The item has no effect:
51-53vs. a certain material*
54-56vs. a certain type of creature (aliens, mutants, magicians, etc.)*
57-60when not in plain sight
61-63vs. 1 type of magical energy (personal, universal, dimensional)*
64-66unless used in the light
67-70on a condition set by the Judge*
The item will not work unless it consumes or destroys:
71-73an evil magical monster (once a year)
74-76at least the equivalent of a Gd(10) resource FEAT of precious metal or jewels (once every 2 weeks)
77-80a huge energy charge of some form (once a week)*
81-83a roomful of light or darkness (once a day)
84-86a condition and usage rate defined by the Judge*
87-89The item has a hatred for a specific type of creature or thing and takes over the hero when it is close to it, forcing him to attack. Possibilities include daemons, evil mutants, etc.*
90-92The item doubles its effectiveness under certain conditions. The doubling effect could be damage caused, twice the range, twice the duration, etc.* The conditions could include a certain level of karma points that must be obtained by the hero, if the item is used during certain times of the day, and so forth*
93-97The item has an additional known power that manifests itself under certain conditions. Roll or select the new power as normal, then assign a condition*
98-00The item grants the user knowledge of 3 powers from the list of universal energy. Assign a condition to the item as a single item*.

*Judge's discretion