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This power is usually referred to as "Super Breath". The hero has the ability to ingest awesome amounts of matter, retain them indefinitely, then expel them with power rank force. When creating a hero with this power, the player must decide what the hero can handle. A random die roll determines his chance of having the power to handle gas, liquid, solids, or some combination of these.
This power enables the hero to absorb quantities far exceeding the normal volume of the human body. He can absorb a volume of gas equal to the power rank number times 100 cubic feet. Liquids and solids are limited to the number of cubic feet equal to the power rank number. A side effect of this power is that the ingested matter is somehow compressed, diminished in size, or displaced into a pocket dimension; this enables the hero to retain his ordinary shape, although his weight does increase a token amount, It is up to the Judge's discretion as to how much weight is gained, with a 1% weight increase being a rule of thumb.

Note: A sudden failure of this power can be disastrous! Such catastrophes range from (at best) the sudden expulsion of all ingested matter, retention of the ingested matter with the hero suddenly bearing all of its weight, or the rapid expansion of the ingested matter to its original size (this latter possibility being quite fatal).

Normally, a hero can retain the ingested matter indefinitely. A side effect of the power gives the hero internal invulnerability equal to his power rank, preventing major internal damage due to ingested poisons or physically damaging materials. Solids and liquids can be retained for as long as the hero can go without food; digestion normally stops while this power is in effect. If the gases ingested are toxic, the hero can only retain them for the amount of time he can hold his breath. If the mixture is not toxic and contains a sufficient quantity of oxygen, then the hero can hold his breath indefinitely.

The hero can expel the matter harmlessly or direct it into a blast that has power rank range and damage. He can also do damage by ingesting. For example, by inhaling all the air in a room, he can cause certain events to occur. 1, everyone in the room must make an Endurance FEAT or pass out from the sudden absence of air. 2, the room can implode if the pressure difference exceeds the walls' material strength.

Range: See Above.