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Hero Group

The character has some connection with, or was or is a member of or an ally of some existing group of superpowered heroes, and as such may enjoy the privileges thereof. This includes using their equipment. calling them in on an emergency, using their HQ, and benefiting from their training. As an example, the mutant Dazzler, while not a member of the X-Men, maintained a good relationship with them and has benefited from training with them. The player running this hero may choose the group, subject to the approval of the Judge. Excessive liberties taken with the privileges (cracking up 3 Quinjets in a row) may result in the contact's revocation. The other disadvantage (in addition to being at the group's beck and call) is that enemies of the hero group are considered enemies of this hero as well. A hero who belongs to a group is always considered to have that group as a Contact. Once an Avenger, always an Avenger).