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Room Packages

Once you have the building itself, you need to stock it with the various requirements for civilized life. Rather than sending would-be super-hero teams to various furnishing stores to price materials, we have organized the standard rooms found in most HQs and reduced them to "packages". The hero or team may pick up a standard package, or modify what is available to suit his needs.

Each package lists its cost, the amount of space (either in rooms or areas) it would take up, and what is found in that package. Packages are used to set up housekeeping, and also for replacements in case of fire, flood, and Galactus dropping in for dinner.

Costs are for a fairly nice selection of material. The heroes may acquire something less expensive and/or reliable (in the case of a living room, the furniture doesn't match. In the case of a 2nd-hand danger room, it goes berserk more often than usual), at -1CS of price. Very high quality packages (a Library Package stocked with 1st editions) may be +1CS or +2CS. Equipment may also be picked up by pieces, and for certain types of equipment this is the only way of acquiring it.

Rented, furnished places often have their own packages installed. This is included in the rent, though the hero is responsible for their replacement in case of damage or theft. ("Let me get this straight, Mr. Grimm. You threw a what through the where to hit who?")
Porches, storage, and closets: These are assumed in the cost of the building, according to its design. These rooms cost nothing, and no package exists other than what the heroes decide to stuff into the closets.
Multiple Rooms: Different rooms of the same type must be bought separately. Players may construct a multiple number of bedrooms, according to what they can afford. Heroes may have back-up systems of the same type to take over in case of damage (example: a back-up crime file in the basement in case the one upstairs gets wiped out in a hurricane).