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Glossary of Magic - Terms

These are a few terms that are either new or redefined for magic use.

Artifact: A magical or technological item of great power, antiquity, or fame. Artifacts are usually one-of-a-kind items.

Caster: Someone in the act of using a spell. This word is used to distinguish a person using a spell from a person or thing that is the target of a spell.

Column Shift(CS): Some spells or modifications are in the form of a Column Shift, that is, shifting the column of the Universal Table on which a character’s natural ability, spell, etc., normally functions, to the left or right on the Universal Table. This is usually referred to as a positive or negative number, followed by CS: +1CS (shift the normal column 1 to the right), -2CS (shift the normal column 2 to the left), and so on.

Magically Enhanced: A character whose abilities have been permanently affected by magic---a type of Induced Mutant or Modified Human.

Magical Item: An item created by magic or any item that functions by magic.

Magic-Wielder: A character able to use spells. Such characters may also be called magicians, sorcerers, wizards, enchanters, etc.

Spells: The spells of a magical character are just like the powers of another hero, except that they are derived from magical sources. These are also called enchantments, incantations, etc.