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Force Field vs. Hostiles

The hero emits a psionic aura that repels any hostile lifeforms. The Power automatically probes the minds of anyone in the area and analyzes their intentions toward the hero. Anything harmful is repulsed, as if a Power rank material strength wall had risen between them. Neutral or friendly life is not affected by this field. Okay, I hear you asking: "What if somebody starts out friendly, but turns hostile after he's inside the field?" The answer is, he's catapulted harmlessly out of the field.

Rank determines the size and material strength of the field. The field can be breached by several means. Brute force always works. Mental Invisibility allows someone to bypass the field's sorting ability. The field is ineffective against cybernetic life.

The field protects the hero from melee weapons or slugfest, but not from projected or missile weapons.

Range: Column A.