Roshi's Flying Nimbus

Flying NimbusAppearance: Looks like a small nimbus cloud.
Floating Disc: Gd(10), but can fly at up to Am(50) speeds.
Material Strength: Fb(2)
Tech Rank: SY(200)
Availability: The Flying Nimbus is really a small air elemental created by the Kais to serve as a means of transport. For his service, Master Roshi was given the Nimbus as a gift. Unfortunately, the Kais had created a special contingency in the Nimbus. It's Floating Disc power only activates for those with an innocent heart. Any others will fall right through the cloud. Roshi was unable to use the cloud due to his impure heart. He later gave the Nimbus to his pupil, Goku. Years later, Goku gives the Nimbus Cloud to his son, Gohan.