Melee & Thrown Weapons

Shooting Weapons is the general term for all forms of handguns, rifles, bows, blasters, and missile or energy firing weapons, and range from handguns to battleship armament.

Price: indicates the Resource rank of the weapons. This Resource rank reflects the price of the item. Items that are gained through criminal contacts (on the black market) are +1CS in cost (a priceless katana blade, acquired through the black market, has a Rm(30) Resource rank rather than the listed value of Ex(20).

Range: is the maximum range the weapon in question can be thrown.

Damage: lists the reduction of Health using standard damage.

Type: Edged Attack (EA), Edged Throwing, Blunt Attack (BA), Blunt Throwing, Grappling (Gp), or Grabbing (Gb)

Material: indicates the material strength of the item.

When attacking with an object in a Blunt Attack, the hero inflicts damage equal to his Strength or the material strength of the item, whichever is less. When attacking with a weapon designed for combat, the character will always inflict damage of the effects type listed and always a minimum of the damage listed (a knife will always inflict at least 10 points). A powerful character may inflict up to his Strength or the material strength of the object in damage, whichever is less. Example: Wonder Man with his bare hands can inflict up to 100 points of damage in slugfest. With a normal knife he can inflict a minimum of 10 points Edged Attack, and a maximum of 20 points(Ex(20) material) damage. That is why Wondy doesn't carry a knife.

Note: If a weapon hits a material of higher material strength (knife against the Hulk's skin), there is a chance of it breaking as if purposely attempting to break the weapon. Make a Breaking FEAT roll, comparing the material strength of the object and either the Strength of the wielder or the material strength or Body Armor of the target. Example: Black Knight attacks Hulk with a regular sword (his Ebony Blade is being polished). Sword is Ex(20) material, Hulk's Body Armor is Mn(75), and Black Knight's Strength is Gd(10). The attack inflicts no damage, and a second check is made, Gd(10) Strength breaking an Ex(20) material sword, to see if the blade breaks.

The common weapons are listed below: