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Energy Sponge

The hero can absorb any form of energy, whether natural or Power-based, and not suffer any damage. The hero can absorb energy equal to his Power rank number. This stored energy can be released at any time the hero desires; upon release it has a lower Intensity than its original state (-2CS). The hero may also choose to harmlessly dissipate the energy over a long period; this is a number of turns equal to the Intensity rank number.

For example, your hero soaks up an In radiation blast. He chooses to re-release it later as a single, Ex Intensity blast that could really muck up whatever it hit, or he could let the radiation slowly seep away (this takes 40 turns, or 4 minutes). When the hero reaches his limit, three things can happen. 1, the hero simply cannot absorb any more energy until he releases what he has already soaked up. This assumes the hero is in control of the situation and has a choice in his actions.

The 2nd possibility is that a "gag reflex" takes effect. Just as a human expels all food when the intake limit is reached, so too will the hero simply, uncontrollably release all absorbed energy at once. This situation assumes the hero doesn't know his own limit, or has a low Intuition (Ty or lower).

The 3rd possibility is dangerous for the hero. If he attempts to absorb more than his limit, he may suffer physical damage. The hero can temporarily absorb greater amounts of energy by making repeated red FEATs. Each successful FEAT enables him to absorb the next higher Power rank number worth of energy, minus the number already absorbed. When the hero fails the red FEAT, trouble occurs. All absorbed energy is released in a single turn, doing full damage to the hero. If the hero makes one last red FEAT, he takes only half damage but loses the Power permanently.

Example: The alien hero Sukupp possessed an Ex level of the Energy Sponge Power. While he was visiting Charleston, terrorists detonated an atomic bomb of Mn Intensity. Sukupp had no choice but to try to absorb the blast. He made his 1st red FEAT and absorbed 30 points of the blast. He didn't have time to release it, nor was this the proper place; the fireball was growing. He made his next red FEAT and absorbed another 10 points. A 3rd red FEAT allowed him to absorb an Am amount of radiation, minus the points already absorbed (50-40=10). Sukupp now had 50 points of the A-blast's 75 soaked into his body. There was still enough free to contaminate the city. Sukupp had to absorb it all. He tried. He failed the last red FEAT. For second, his body glowed like a small star. Then, he was gone.

When creating the character, the player can raise the Power rank by +1CS by specializing in absorbing a single type of energy.

Range: Column B