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Energy Conversion

The hero can simply change any form of energy into any other form. The transformed energy's Intensity is 1 rank lower than its original level. The hero can transform energy by an Intensity FEAT equal to the target energy's Intensity. The hero begins with the ability to transform any energy into one specific form. He can develop the ability to transform energy into other forms as Power stunts.

There are 2 advantages to this Power. The 1st is the ability to gain an Energy Emission Power fueled by the environment. Dazzler, for example, can convert sonic energy into light. She then refined that Light Emission into a variety of effects, including lasers, light shields, and hypnotic effects.

The 2nd advantage is the ability to transform deadly force into less dangerous forms. For example, if your hero found himself caught in a raging firestorm, he might Convert the Heat into Cold. This would both protect him and extinguish the fire. (The paramedic shook his head. "I'll be danged if I can figure out how a man can get frostbite fighting a fire.")

The maximum Intensity of Energy that a hero can convert is equal to +1CS his Power rank (a red FEAT). Excess energy remains in its original state, although its Intensity is diminished by the Power's rank number.

Example: The Astounding Adaptor possesses Ex Energy Conversion. While traveling through Nebraska, he spots a tornado about to touch down. He directs his Power at the tornado, which possesses Am Intensity. The most his Power can directly affect is Rm Intensity. He tries for a red FEAT and succeeds. The tornado bursts into an Am Intensity flash of orange light. High winds of Rm Intensity continue to buffet the area, but at least the worst of the property damage has been avoided. ("Now if I could just get these spots out of my eyes…")

When creating the character, the player can raise his Power by +1CS by limiting him to a specific Energy Conversion (Sonics to Light, in Dazzler's example). The player must determine the characteristics for the secondary Power he gains by taking Energy Conversion. These would match the appropriate listing in the Energy Emission section.

Range: Column B