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Dimension of Time

Ruled By: No one

This strange dimension is unpopulated, but is full of huge clock faces, hour glasses, and swinging pendulums all marking the passage of time. It should not be confused with True Limbo, as they are separate realities and one cannot go back into the past in the Dimension of Time. Many dangers await those who would enter the dimension. It has an automatic defense mechanism called the Tendrils of Time, thick, red coils that spring forth from the dimension itself and try to trap intruders for eternity. If more than one character intrudes, it will always go for the weakest, free character first. A character can try to dodge the tendrils and can possibly break them with a power rank FEAT roll, if using a power that inflicts at least In(40) damage.

The dimension is very susceptible to the workings of magic and time can be altered by a character within the dimension. Time can be temporarily made to go faster or slower (but not stop) in all other dimensions, while not effecting the time flow within the Dimension of Time itself.

Nekron once discovered the dimension and tricked Doctor Strange into following him there, in hopes of defeating the good Doctor. He needed to trade another sorcerer's astral form for his own, which was shortly due to be given to Satannish in payment for past services. But Doctor Strange tricked him by speeding up the passage of time outside of the dimension, and Satannish arrived earlier than expected (though right on time in Earth's dimension) and collected Nekron before he could defeat Doctor Strange.