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Demihuman - Lupinoid

Demihuman - LupinoidLupinoids are human-shaped, canine-like beings. They are often mistaken for the cinematic conception of a werewolf. The body is covered in hair and the face is definitely canine. The body has a tail, harmless claws, big teeth, and long pointed ears atop the head.

Note: Lupinoid genetics are the most flexible of all the demihumans. There are as many breeds of lupinoids as there are of dogs, wolves, and foxes (the latter being a subclass, the vulpinoid).

Popularity: The Popularity of lupinoids varies. Because some people think every lupinoid is a werewolf, their Popularity decreases -1CS. Other people see them as dogs, and thus as man's best friend; this prevents the Popularity from dropping any further.
Hyper-Olfactory: Ex(20) ability.
Lupinoids roll their Ability Ranks on Column 4 of the Random Ranks Table.