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DeityThis is an "Entity of Great Power"---or rather, was such a being. The deity was an actual god, demigod, or close relative who was actually worshipped at some point in the past. Now his/her powers have waned because the religion which was devoted to him is no longer practiced. His followers have disappeared into the annals of history. Thor is an example of such a being.

Now he is a god-on-Earth and locked into a mortal shell. He is still a formidable being, though. Deities have increased ranks in all their primary abilities(+2CS).

Deities are usable as player characters. The Marvel Universe includes Asgardians, Olympians, and deities from a host of other pantheons. Both Thor and Hercules are members of the Avengers. Snowbird, daughter of an Inuit goddess, is a member of Alpha Flight. The thing that permits their playability is their diminished Power. Once Odin formed the Earth from the blood and bones of a slain Ice Giant, but he can't do things like that anymore.

There are 4 reasons a deity might be found on Earth:
  1. Powers have diminished to such a point that the Earth Dimension is the only place the deity can survive.
  2. The deity has been sent to the Earth Dimension by other, more powerful Deities. Both Thor and Snowbird are in this category.
  3. The deity is bored with timeless infinity and is slumming it on Earth as a way of generating excitement. Hercules fits this bill.
  4. The deity might be on Earth seeking Power, whether by regaining worshippers or establishing a portal between Earth and his home dimension. However, for game purposes, this reason is restricted to NPC deities who are acting as villains in your campaign.

Popularity: Deities have increased Popularity(+2CS) with the public but 0 Popularity with the hierarchy of the major established Earth religions.
Powers: Deities automatically possess at least 1 Travel Power.

Deities gain 2 additional Powers.
Weakness: Deities cannot really die in the Earth Dimension unless the slayer is another deity. Each deity has a home dimension; on that plane the deity loses his special protection from death.
Contacts: Deities eventually attract any remaining living worshippers they still have. All of these people serve as Contacts.

Note: A deity PC who abuses his worshippers faces a stiff Karma penalty.

Deities are honor-bound not to actively promote a religion based on themselves. Deity PCs who try this lose -1CS from all their Abilities and Powers.

Deities roll their Ability Ranks on Column 5 of the Random Ranks Table.