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Power Duplication

The caster can duplicate 1 of the powers of a being possessing natural, non-magical super powers. The caster must touch the character to use the spell. If the other character is willing, the normal spell rank FEAT roll is not necessary. Only 1 power can be duplicated at any 1 time. The duplication of power does not remove the power from the target. The duration, area, and damage of the duplicated power is that of the caster's spell rank, not the power rank of the original power.

The caster can choose the power duplicated, if the caster knows the other character. If the character who is touched is relatively unknown to the caster, and the powers he possesses are not completely known, than the Judge should randomize what power the caster duplicates.
The caster cannot duplicate magical spells, talents, artificial abilities (like Iron Man's Strength), or extra limbs or other extreme physical differences (like Nightcrawler's tail.)