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Environmental Independence

The caster can surround himself with an aura of magic that maintains a livable environment for him. He does not need to sleep, eat, drink, or breathe, but can if he wants to. He feels no non-magical cold or heat and can survive in outer space, under water, within the earth, in hostile atmospheres, etc. This spell does not provide protection from or immunity to attack, but it does allow the caster to survive in conditions where survival would normally be impossible. The area of spell is usually just around the caster himself, though the aura can contain an additional character for every rank of the caster's Psyche above Rm(30).

This is a particularly long-lived spell, often used by magic wielders stranded in hostile circumstances or alien dimensions. The duration of this spell is left to the Judge, as different conditions and circumstances (time passage in other dimensions for example) can affect the duration. It is suggested that the caster receive a +3CS on the duration of the spell. (For example, the spell would have a Un(100) duration for a caster with an In(40) spell rank.) An Un(100) duration means that the spell lasts indefinitely, usually until the caster escapes from the hostile conditions that caused him to cast the spell.