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Crypts of Kaa-U

These ancient subterranean crypts are the last resting places for the bodies of the Earth's Sorcerer Supremes. The crypts lie within the Lost City of Shuma-Gorath, called Kaa-U the Accursed, in the sunken land of Kalumesh. When it existed in its glory, the people worshipped Dagoth, who in turn served Shuma-Gorath. Its current hooded inhabitants are called the Shadowmen and serve a huge man called the Living Buddha, who, though he was charged with guarding the crypts, sold out to Shuma-Gorath in his last bid for power. It is believed that the Shadowmen and the Living Buddha perished when Shuma-Gorath was dispelled from this dimension by Doctor Strange and the city crumbled. This may mean that the crypts are so completely buried that the only way into them now is by magical transport.