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Conjurer's Sphere

This spell absorbs the magical force in an area, draining magic out of any item or character outside of the sphere but inside the area in which the sphere is located. The magic is absorbed by the character inside the sphere. After an hour, all characters and items affected are permanently drained, the character inside the sphere is much more powerful than before (for gaming purposes, all of his powers shift +1CS permanently, not to exceed Mn(75) level). Characters outside the sphere cannot enter it, and any spell cast at the sphere will be absorbed without affecting the person inside.

The sphere itself is a black rimmed ball with crackling energy inside. The user can only be seen as a vague, dark shadow within. Black lines of force arc everywhere from it.

This spell is one of the most dangerous mystic constructs available. It cannot be successfully cast by anyone of less than Master rank. If a lesser caster is foolish enough to attempt it, he must make a Psyche FEAT roll. If the FEAT roll is a failure, the caster dies. If it succeeds, the caster's Psyche is permanently reduced -1CS.