BroliReal Name: Broli, Son of Paragus
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Saiyan
Origin of Power: Rebirth (Broli was first killed by King Vegeta's guards when he was an infant.)
Fighting: In(40) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Am(50)
Endurance: Mn(75) Reason: Pr(4) Intuition: Ty(6) Psyche: Ty(6)
Health: 185 Karma: 16 Resources: N/A
Popularity: -50 on Shi'ar planets, 0 on Earth-Z
Age: 30 Height: 6' in normal state, 9' when flaring.
Weight: 215LBS in normal state, 615LBS when flaring.
Talents: Martial Arts B & E (Saiyan Shotokan), Military, Pilot (space).
Contacts: Paragus(Deceased, Father)
Saiyan Space Capsule
Self Sustenance:
 Mn(75), Temporary version only.
True Flight: Am(50)
Alter Ego: It is not clear if Paragus removed Broli's tail or not, but if Broli still had his tail he would have the Mn(75) ability to transform into an Uzaru (see Saiyans) with the following stats:Selective Adaptation: See Saiyans
Power Flare: See Saiyans. The only difference in Broli's case is that he only needs to make a Green Endurance FEAT to maintain the Flare.
Body Resistance: In(40).
Hyperspeed: Rm(30)
Hyper-Leaping: Mn(75)
Resistance to Emotion Attacks: Am(50), except for those that cause anger and hate.
Resistance to Mental Attacks: Mn(75)
Energy Manipulation: Broli has the SX(150) ability to collect all the ambient energy within a 2 mile radius and focus it into one ball of energy and throw it for up to 100 points of force and 50 points energy damage. In space, Broli can use this power at its maximum and gather energy within a 8 mile radius. In a planet's atmosphere, Broli's energy ball's are limited to 75 points of force damage and 40 points of energy damage. Only in humanoid form.
Broli has developed the following power stunts:Recovery: Mn(75).
Resistance to Aging & Disease: Am(50). See Saiyans
Ability Shift: Broli can shift the majority of his energies into brute strength. He can only use this while flaring. The shift boosts his strength to Un(100). He can maintain this state by making a green Endurance FEAT every 1-5 rounds. Unfortunately, his Health does not change, Fighting and Agility are -1CS for the Shift's duration. His Hyperspeed and Flight powers suffer a -2CS reduction for the duration. Also, Stun and Kill results are reduced by 1 color in this state. While in this state he has the following power:
  • Growth - Atomic Gain: permanent, 9' tall and is +1CS to hit.
Force Field: Un(100) active personal. He used it to protect himself from the effects of being submerged in liquid magma. He cannot use this power and his energy manipulation at the same time.
Weakness: See Saiyans. Because of his traumatic rebirth, Broli suffered irreversible brain damage. His Saiyan instincts have completely taken over his mind.

As a result, Broli suffers a -2CS to his resistance to his genetic fighting instincts. For a time, his father was able to control his fighting rages with a mind control device. Broli had built-up such a resistance to it, that mental attacks rarely effect him.

Note: Broli is a Super Saiyan (See Saiyans, SS2). His birth was prophesied since the dawn of the Saiyan race.

Unfortunately, he has become a force of chaos in the universe. It took the entire Z-team to defeat him in his humanoid form. It is highly unlikely that anyone, short of maybe the Hulk, another Super Saiyan (in Uzaru form), Galactus, Thor, Kurse, Tyrant, Tri-Sentinel, or Captain Universe could go toe-to-toe with Broli in Uzaru form.