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The hero can harmlessly reduce his body (and any nonliving matter he carries) to a flat, 2-D version. To an onlooker, the hero appears to have transformed himself into a life-size photograph. The hero's body functions and abilities are unaffected. Because the hero is now extremely thin, gaining leverage on 3-D objects is extremely difficult. He is also extremely hard to hit if he can turn his flat side toward his opponents. While in a flattened state, the hero suffers less damage from blunt physical attacks; the power rank number decreases the damage by that much for each attack. On the other hand, a flat hero can suffer all sorts of abuse that he would normally ignore. For example, Flatman could be forcibly folded like a map and locked in a glove compartment!

How thin the hero can get is determined by an Intensity FEAT. A green FEAT reduces the hero to the width of a piece of paper (about 1/256"). At this point, the hero can pass through the cracks around a door or adhere to a wall and pretend to be a poster. A yellow FEAT reduces the hero to 1 atom's width. At this width, the hero can pass through solid barriers by slicing through them as if he were an incredibly fine knife. The power enables the hero to pass any barrier with a Material Strength up to +5CS greater than this power's rank.

Note: if the barrier is larger than the hero's body (such as a wall), then the slice made by the hero's passage immediately reseals itself. But, if the barrier was smaller than the hero (such as a chain), then the pieces fall apart as soon as the hero severs the entire width.

A red FEAT removes the 3rd dimension entirely; at this point, the hero can pass through barriers without damaging them, or he can be transported into a Flatland-type dimension where everyone has only 2-dimensions. In the latter case, the hero vanishes from sight.

The hero can choose to flatten himself in any direction. He can appear to be a front-back, left profile-right profile, top view-bottom view, or similar-shaped 2-D image.

Note: while 1 dimension is drastically altered, the remaining measurements remain the same.

When this power is applied to a weapon, the result is a micron-sword such as the one used by the late Nemesis. Such a blade completely severs any matter with a Material Strength up to +5CS greater than this power's rank.

The name "Two-Dimensionality" is a misnomer. While in the Marvel Universe it most commonly describes the ability of normal beings to pass into a Flatland-like state, it can also be used to shed more than 1 dimension. 3-dimensional beings can reduce themselves all the way down to a single line 1 atom or even 1 "point" in diameter. The power can also be used by multidimensional beings to enter into this one.

Range: None.