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WWEroticDreams RPG Disclaimer:

WWEroticDreams RPG is in NO WAY endorsed, supported, affiliated or acknowledged by the WWE, it's counterparts, subsidiaries or sponsors. We accept no responsibility for the content of an individual member's journal and in no way claim to be accurate or true to the nature of any individual/s associated with pro-wrestling sports.

Any copyright infringement is not knowingly intended. WED holds no responsibility for member's journals or the content of them. This is not an official or profit making community/web site.

Some material on individual's journals may not be suitable for younger viewers. All material complies with the decency policy on InsaneJournal. We do not take responsibility for the content of individual member's journals. We do not ask members for their age when joining as the community intends to keep personal identities private, we therefore ask that minors have adult supervison or permission to join.

Any user/s who plagiarize material will be removed from the WED community. We do not take responsibility for the actions of individual members!

Malicious use of the community and disregard to the rules and terms will result in the removal of users from WED. We reserve the right to refuse any journals we do not feel are in reasonable taste and delete/block members we do not wish to accept.

No offence, personal or otherwise, is intended in the creation of this community/web site.

We ask that visitors who disagree with the concept or content of WED show respect and do not try to abuse other people's hard work. If you have serious complaints the administrators are here to listen, but we refuse to alter our RPG. Please do NOT visit this site or the community if you object!

Upon joining the community members are bound by our rules and disclaimer. Please report abuse if you are aware of it.

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