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RPG World Online for Well of Souls

Reasons For Making

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This is a WOS World for RPGWO players. This world is made using RPGWO's picture sets. It will use aready made RPGWO quests, items, monsters, and settings. Also many players seen in RPGWO will be depicted in the WOS World. They will give out quest and say things according to what they actually feel. No fake people will be added (except for player asstants). Overall many events depicted in the WOS World have actually happened in RPGWO.

This World is dedcated to giving players a RPGWO excperince on WOS and while the RPGWO server is crashed.


-Current Version 1.0014
-Whats New: More bugs fixed. Shops added. Oh some minor items added. They aren't that great, but they're a start. Also if anybody wondered there was no version 1.0013 for luck reasons.

-version 1.001
-Whats new: New map added. A splash screen (World not yet rated r like it says.) Monsters have been added. Also the beggings of a minor side quest have been added. Also I have noticed some small minor errors which I will have corrected in the next version. The don't affect gameplay. Well one just makes it easier to get to the healing stone.

-version 1.0006
-Whats New: Monster coding is done. Story intro added. Yea the monsters aren't on there yet for technical reason.
-Version 1.0002
-Whats New: New objects file plus a forest area added.
-Version: 1.0001
-Whats New:Deep Water added. Plus now availble for download.

-Whats New: Just about everything. Just got the main map near final completion.

Story Line

So thatís it you finally caved in. You decided to go to the land that your friends always talked about. You know the one they all claimed they went to and they made fun of you cause you hadn't. The world that everybody claimed was like the book you all had to read in school. Gulliver's Travels I believe. Yea that one and the movie was much better. Well anyway enough about that. Now where was I. Oh yea, anyway as I was saying you caved in and decided to take the trip. As you went on the boat you could only remember the things your friends, if you can call them that, said they had seen. Their descriptions of the beautiful beaches. The huge diamonds that dwarfed mountains. The towns made completely of gold. Also their mentions of grand hotels. Their mentions of the savory food there made you wish the boat would go faster. As you got on board the ship and handed your ticket to the steward he noted your destination.

"Youíre a strange one. Nobody goes there anymore."

"Anymore?" You looked at him with a puzzled look.

"Well not after the invasion."

"Invasion?" You looked at him again even more puzzled.

"You don't know about it?"

"No I haven't a clue," you replied.

"Well then I'll tell you, he replied. It all began about a hundred years ago when an evil sorcerer named UF came to power over a group of people in the southern lands. He convinced them to do his evil bidding. This lent to the corruption of many high officials and led to the Jaho vs. UF war. Jahoclave was a brave, intelligent, young, highly elite warrior who saw past UF' bubble of deception. He led a great crusade against UF almost entirely by himself. Unfortunately the opposition was too great for one man and Jaho's efforts failed. His only ally in the war a young man named acrogods then left the world to find more souls to help in this war but never returned. This forced Jaho to return to hiding in his new founded country of Weedlind it the lands of Arean. In this period of hiding a new enemy invaded the lands a force of Grayvyns and destroyed many good things and forced many to flee. Many tried to defeat the Grayvyns but were never successful. Many tried to find Jahoclave but he could never be found. It was then after many years of battle that three guilds arrived. The corrupted powers which became known as Cheesu Force. That of somewhat respectable resistance, Ivory Towers. Third, an evil guild The Mercenaries of Death. Jaho went undercover and penetrated this guild but could not find the true evil. A war started between IT and M.O.D. During this time Jaho meet a great wizard named Konapo and together they founded the Warriors of the Cross. Then Hugo an exleader of IT joined them and brought many of his followers with him. Together with Jaho's leaving of M.O.D and Hugo's deflection from IT rendered both guilds powerless and made the WOTC the most powerful guild in the land. This brings you pretty much up to date. Well since the last time I heard anything. Which was about twenty years ago. I have heard rumors about the WOTC mounting resistance against the Grayvyns but nothing about UF."

"Thanks," you replied. You now realized that your friends could not possible have been to the land and everything they said was wrong.

You slept miserable that night. You woke up the next morning and were quickly moved through the morning fog and seated in a rowboat. Your gear was already stowed aboard it. You had a gut feeling you wouldn't need it. Plus the stewards words weren't to encouraging.

"Oh, and your going to have to row yourself in. Also we won't be back to pick you up it is too risky."

When you first saw sight of shore you saw a small dock. You tied your boat off and walked to shore. You knew if you ever wanted to get off the island you were going to have to find Jaho and the WOTC. Once your feet touched land you had a bad feeling that your journey was far from over.


Jahoclave-Lead Developer for WOS RPGWO World
Mickey Kudlo-Developer of RPGWO
RPGWO Staff and artist-Providers of all the wonderful artwork and information used.

Special Thanks to All RPGWO players, without you there would be no game. All WOTC members for being there. To my mom. To God, Jesus, thanks for being there. To my teachers for teaching me most everything I know. To Konapo, good friend and also helping me with technical support. To Acrogods for knowing what the hell I'm talking about while in school. To everybody that deserves thanks that I haven't written, Thank You.

God Bless You All.

* means that the item character, spell, or other object is made up and is not actualy found in RPGWO.