Attributes are various and sundry characteristics taken by a Player to provide more definition to the Character being played. Most attributes come in two types (Positive and Negative) of three classes each (as is, very, and extreme). Positive attributes are beneficial and desirable to the Character; attributes such as Hardy and Attractive are examples, and are bought by expending positive attribute points. One could buy Hardy, Very Hardy, or Extremely Hardy depending on available points and the amount one wants to spend. Negative attributes are detrimental to the Character and are bought with negative attribute points. However, for each negative attribute point spent, one gains a positive one. Thus by giving a Character a few detrimental attributes, you can balance the character by giving him/her more positive ones.

The list of attributes below should not be considered complete. If the player comes up with an attribute that is not on the list and wants to take it, ask the DM about cost and availability. (There is always the possibility that the DM may, for reasons of game balance, decline to allow certain suggested attributes to be taken.) The three numbers listed beside each attribute are costs for the attribute "as is", "very", and "extremely" variants.


Positive Attributes

Ages Well (4-8-12) Character's physical age is 10% per level less than their chronological age.

Alert (3-5-9) +1 to all Attentiveness roll-offs for each level of this attribute.

Ambidextrous (10) An exception to the general rule, this attribute has only one level. Does the obvious.

Attractive (2-4-8) Makes a character aesthetically pleasing by their society's general standards. For each level of this attribute, there is a +1 bonus to all Sex Appeal 2d6 Reaction rolls.

Berserk (8/-4) Both a positive and negative attribute, this attribute costs positive points, but automatically takes up negative points as well, generating more positive points. The character has a tendency to go into a berserk state under stress. See Moving Finger #15 for details.

Better Statistic (4-8-12) This attribute will add, at base level, +2 to the desired stat; at the level of "much better statistic" it will add +4, and at the maximum level of "awesomely better statistic" will add +6. If this attribute is used to increase any statistic over normal dice maximums, multiply its total cost by (the amount over dice maximum +1).

Blessed (20) One of the gods has bestowed a (randomly rolled) mighty benediction on your character. Unless Exotic Background is taken, your character will be baptized by this god, and your character will be considered to have a Total Duty to that Temple and deity. You do not get extra points for this Duty!

Blooded (5) This attribute means your character is somewhat hardened to brutality and normal hardship. He or she may add +6 to all morale rolls, and during certain gut-wrenching or utterly disgusting situations (entering the scene of a brutal battle, exploring the sewers, searching a rotting corpse, etc) the DM will allow a Blooded character to proceed without the Willpower roll off he would mandate for a normal person. Blooded is an attribute that can be acquired during play by succeeding in a learning roll in certain situations as listed above.

Cheerful (1-2-3) +3 per level to Morale roll offs; you're generally an upbeat kind of person and its harder for you to be depressed. This should also be roleplayed!

Choose Birthplace (v) A character may choose where in the World he would like to be from. The more exotic a birthplace you want, the more it will cost.

Choose Sub-race (8-15) Choose a mundane human race for 8 pts, or one of the rare races (halfbreed, Romaine, zuma, atros, Swamp Man) for 15.

Cold Resistant (2-4-8) This attribute makes a person more resistant to the effects of cold and frostbite by giving a +1 to any roll-off per level.

Comrade (8-15-20) An NPC Comrade is your faithful companion; they will never betray you. Your character is considered to have an overwhelming bond with this NPC, you will never betray or abandon them. If something happens to them, your morale will suffer; if they die, your morale may cause permanent minuses to your performance. A first level comrade is a randomly chosen (by DM) pre-generated NPC of up to 200 EP, a second level is the same as above, up to 500 EP. You may choose what type of NPC this is from the available types; if human, you may choose its mundane sub-race. A third level Comrade is rolled up exactly like a PC, you may choose the Comrade's age and mundane human or non-human race. If a Comrade should die or something else should happen that will cause a character's irrevocable separation from their Comrade, they will suffer the effects of Grief, as rolled on DM's Grief Chart.

Contacts (2-4-8) The character knows some important folks in his/her town, generally in his/her own particular area of expertise. This attribute may be bought multiple times for multiple areas. +1 per level to Scrounging rolls.

Deft (2-4-6) +1 per level to character's chance to save from physical Fumbles.

Die Hard (2-3-5) For each level taken, a character has one full minute after taking an Instant Kill critical hit, or any other kind of instant death trauma that would not cause instantaneous brain death, to perform dying actions at no further minuses to what they had prior to the mortal trauma occurring.

Disease Resistant (2-4-8) +1 per level to any relevant roll-offs.

Don't Get Seasick (1) The person does not get seasick.

Drug Resistant (2-3-4) Makes a character resistant to drugs and poisons by adding a +1 per level to all relevant numbers.

Exotic Background (9-16-25) The character had very unusual beginnings, how unusual depends upon the level of the attribute. Have the player work out and present his/her idea to the DM. Also necessary for certain skill areas and/or training packages. The character may take up to two Exotic Skills per level of this attribute taken.

Famous (4-8-12) The person did something wonderful that people will know him/her by. The higher you take this attribute, the more wonderful it will be and the more people will know about what you did. The player will make something up to be approved by the DM.

Fast Runner (2-4-8) For every level of this attribute, the character may add 4 to his/her tactical movement when running, and 6 to his/her tactical movement when sprinting.

Fast Learner at Skill (6-8-10) Each level of this attribute modifies a character's chance of learning a specific skill by +1. For character generation only, it reduces the base difficulty of the specific skill by half and the difficulty of the skill by 1.

Fatigue Resistant (12) The Fatigue Resistant character may spend up to 4 Exhaustion per round. The character need not roll off vs Recovering until -10 in Exhaustion.

Fearless (7) The character has no phobias, not even the normal minor Mortal Fear all characters otherwise have.

Gifted at Skill (1-2-3) Adds +1 per level to pertinent Skill ratings. May only be used for skills which have a rating, may not be taken for Weapons skills.

Gifted at Everything (25) Adds +3 to all Skill ratings. Characters with this attribute may have no other "Gifted"s.

Good Balance (3-6-9) The character may add +2 to all acrobat roll-offs and +1 to all Combat Maneuvers roll-offs per level of this attribute.

Good Death Curser (5-10-20) At first level, you may roll for a Death Curse and also roll for Divine Intervention, with a +5 to your Death Curse chance. At second level, you receive a +10 to your Death Curse chance. At Extremely Good Death Curser, you automatically get off a Death Curse instead of D.I., or you may roll for both with a +15 to your Death Curse chance.

Good Direction Sense (1-2-3) This attribute allows a person to make a roll-off (reasoning vs. 10, 5, or 0) to prevent him/her from getting lost.

Good Eyesight (3-6-10) Good Eyesight adds +1 per level to all visual roll-offs.

Good Hearing (3-6-10) Good Hearing adds +1 per level to all hearing roll-offs.

Good Jumper (2-4-8) Each level of Good Jumper adds +1 to total distance for standing jumps and +2 to total distance for running jumps.

Good Leader (2-4-8)The person may add +1 per level of this attribute to all Leadership 2d6 reaction rolls.

Good Liar (2-4-6) The person has the ability to fabricate the truth while maintaining a straight face. +1 per level of the attribute.

Good Memory (4-8-12) At the first level of this attribute, the person gets a +4 to the intelligence vs. ? memory roll-off when a player forgets something. At the second level, the person gets a +8. At the third level, the person has a photographic memory and automatically makes the roll-off. At this level, entire written pages may be memorized. +1 per level of this attribute to chance of Learning any skill based on Reasoning.

Good Night Vision (3-6-10) "Good Night Vision" adds +1 per level to all attentiveness rolls at night and reduces all dark penalties by one per level. DOES NOT help in total darkness.

Good Voice (3-6-9)+1 per level to Singing roll offs. Other skills requiring speech (Storyteller, Leadership, Persuasion, Acting, etc.) receive +1 per level. Extremely Good Voice adds +1 to Sex Appeal ratings.

Good Tutor (4-8-12) A character with this attribute has some sort of tutor or instructor while maturing who gave him/her intensive training in some skill or skill area. If taken at the first level, this attribute gives a character level 2, of any group of logically related Skills where total difficulties are less than or equal to 5, for free. At "Very Good Tutor", it gives the character level 2 of any Skills group with difficulties totalling 10 or less for free. At the level of "Extremely Good Tutor", it gives a character a group with difficulties totalling 15 or less at level 2 for free.

Good Time Sense (1-2-3) Gives a person +1 per level to a RSG roll off to know what time it is or how much time has passed.

Hardy (3-8-15) This attribute adds +1 per level to a character's damage resistance.

Heat Resistant (2-4-8) The person is used to warm weather. +1 per level of this attribute to resist sunstroke and the like. At Extremely Heat Resistant, the character may wear armour at above 86 degrees and take only 1/4 normal effects.

High Alt. Resistant (2-4-8) The person is used to higher altitudes and thinner air. -2 per level of the attribute to all exhaustion penalties incurred by thinner atmosphere.

Holds Drink Well (2-4-8) +1 per level to Fortitude for Drunkenness roll offs, also acts as Pain Resistant when checking for collapse due to Drunkenness.

Industrious (4-8-12) +1 per level to your chance to get 2 skill points per skill roll.

Left handed (6) You are. +1 to attack and defense, +2 to Combat Maneuvers against right handed warriors. Against another lefty, you are both -2 to your Defense. Unless you take this or ambidextrous, you are right-handed.

Light Sleeper (2-4-8) This attribute adds +1 per level to the person's attentiveness roll-off to wake up and +1 per level to the chance that person is not asleep at the time (normally a 1 on a d10).

Likeable (2-4-6) +1 per level to 2d6 Reaction rolls for Persuasion and general character reactions. Likeable does not modify Leadership, Courtly Graces, or Sex Appeal.

Linguist (8) As per "Fast Learner" but applied to all spoken and written languages.

Long Stride (2-4-8) +1 to a person's tactical movement per level of this attribute.

Lucky (4, 8, 12) Players whose characters possess this Attribute at first level may make any Luck roll required by the DM twice, and choose which result will apply to their character. For each succeeding level of Lucky, a character may choose another specific type of dice roll -- a d20 roll off for a specific skill, d30 attack rolls in Combat, saving rolls from Fumbles, etc -- to be rolled twice each time it is made, under the specified conditions. Thus, a character with Extremely Lucky, such as any Jeopard, may make all required Luck rolls twice, choosing whichever result is preferred, and in addition, may have up to two different specific types of dice rolls that they may roll twice for. This attribute does not count for Group Luck Rolls unless everyone has it.

Magickal Aptitude(10) The basic attribute required to be a Mage. A rare attribute seen in perhaps one in a thousand, Magickal Aptitude allows a character to learn to manipulate reality on a basic, quantum level through the force of their will. Without it, Magic cannot be learned.

Massive (4-8-12) Adds 10% per level to a character's normally figured body mass.

Needs Little Sleep (5-12) This attribute allows the person to consistently require only 6 hours of sleep per night. If a person has "Needs Very Little Sleep", then he or she only needs 4 hours of sleep a night, even after a long, hard day. Notice that there are only two levels of this attribute. The hours thus gained may be use for Learned Abilities Enhancement Purposes.

Non-Human (all) The character is considered to have made his % roll for non-human origin. Taking this requires that the character expend every single positive attribute point they rolled, and allows them to roll as if they had rolled a natural 98-99 (the more mundane non-human chart).

Pain Resistant (4-8-15) At first level, this attribute adds +1 to a character's pain level. At "Very Pain Resistant" it allows a character to subtract 1 from any pain minuses due to injury or other trauma. At "Extremely Pain Resistant", it adds another +1 to the Pain level and allows a character to roll a d8 to check for collapse due to pain instead of a d6.

Quick Healer (3-6-10) At each level, Quick Healer allows a person to take 10% off total necessary Healing Times.

Quick Thinker (3-6-9) Adds +1 to Initiative (the secondary stat) at each level. Will also give 2, 5, or 10 minutes (real time) for player to think through PCs options in a crisis, split-second decision situation. In a combat situation, characters receive an additional 30 seconds to decide their options per level.

Random Attribute (2) Allows the character to take a positive attribute at random. Random attributes may be raised levels by rolling 4-6 on a d6, the attempt costs 1 point. If a character has a racial attribute that conflicts with a random attribute, the random cancels the racial (i.e., if a Sothark character rolls Ugly randomly, the Sothark loses his level of Attractiveness). If a random attribute conflicts with an attribute bought with attribute points, even another random, the random attribute is re-rolled. If an attribute is rolled that the character already has, the attribute is raised to a higher level, even if it is a racial attribute. This attribute costs only 1 point if immediately followed with a Random Negative Attribute worth only 5 points.

Reroll (4) Allows you to reroll any statistic, including Attributes, Age, and Birthday, in the character generation system, at 4 points per re-roll.

See Astral (10) Allows characters to see disembodied spirits and the essential aura of others. Those who can do this may learn to read other’s emotions at Difficulty 3.

Shock Resistant (2-4-8) Each level of this attribute adds 10 to the results of all rolls against going into shock following injury.

Skill Points (special) For every attribute spent, a person may add 3 skill points to his/her initial skill points.

Torture Resistant (2-4-6) +4 per level to WP for purposes of resisting Questioning attempts.

Unusual Background (4) Like "Exotic Background" but not quite so dramatic. Many skill packages (Mercenary Background, etc) require this attribute. It can also be taken if one wants to learn one Exotic Skill.

Well Organized (4-8-12) At each level of this attribute, a character may perform one Day to Day Living activity without sacrificing any actual time--they are absorbed into his normal routine.

Windfall (7) The character has, at some point, legally acquired a sum of money equal to % x 100 local dollar equivalents. This attribute may be taken up to three times per character.

Negative Attributes

Ages Poorly (5-10-15) Physical age is 10%/level higher than chronological age.

Addiction (8-15-28) If a person has this attribute, then he/she is has a physical dependency on some substance which must be satisfied with one dose per level per day. The most common addictive substances known are alcohol and dream sugar, each of which cost $10 per dose. Either of these will also cause a -1 per dose taken per day to normal functioning. If doses are not taken, Addicted character will begin to suffer withdrawal at -2 accumulating per dose missed. When a withdrawal minus occurs, Addicted characters must make an immediately roll off of ˝ WP vs 8 + the withdrawal minus number not to immediately go out and take a dose (if possible). Minuses taken from withdrawal will incapacitate when Pain level is reached, at which point, character must begin making FRT roll offs vs. The number of minuses they are under. They must make these FRT rolls off every time they take a new Withdrawal minus until 1.5 x their Pain level in minuses is reached. For any of these rolls failed, the character takes a permanent -1 to their Constitution, Strength, and Dexterity. Once 1.5x their Pain level in minuses is reached, withdrawal is complete. The character will begin to recover at a rate of their FRT in minuses per day. Once they are no longer incapacitated, they must begin making ˝ WP roll offs not to become re-addicted at the DM’s discretion.

Altruistic (2-4-8) Whenever someone in need of help is encountered, character must roll off 1/2 WP vs. 5, 10 or 15. If failed, Altruistic characters will unhesitatingly do whatever is necessary to aid the person, regardless of the attendant risk and/or outright stupidity of their actions. Altruistic is considered to include the attribute Nice. Altruists are considered to be friends to all for purposes of Persuasion roll offs.

Bad Liar (2-4-8) Opposite of "Good Liar".

Bad Limp (3-6-9) This attribute gives a person -1 to tactical movement and -1 to agility per level.

Bad Night Vision (3-6-10) Opposite of "Good Night Vision".

Bad Temper (3 6 9) A character with Bad Temper must roll off half their Willpower vs. 5, 10 or 15 whenever they are placed under any sort of threat or stress not to verbally or physically lash out at the source of stress, or, if unavailable, at whatever or whoever is closest. Characters who lose the roll off by 10 or more must physically attack something, although any physical attack (punch, slap, shove, kick) that actually connects will suffice.

Blind in One Eye (8) The person is blind in one eye, causing a restricted field of vision and poorer depth perception. All missile weapons used at medium range are a -4, and at long range are a -8. All attentiveness rolls that are side based are reduced by 2.

Branded (4) You have been branded on the cheek for some crime or another. People will generally distrust you and will prefer to deal with others. Being branded on the shoulder costs only 2.

Clumsy (3-6-9) +1 chance to fumble per level on all physical rolls where fumbling is possible.

Code of Honor (5, 12, 20) This attribute means your character has at least a few principles that they will never break without a huge WP roll off and huge Morale minuses as a result. At first level, your character will have two of the below listed restrictions on their behaviour; at second, they will have four, at third, they will have eight.

- Will never take unfair advantage of a foe.

- Will never break his sworn oath, will always accept the sworn oath of others who could be honorable.

- Will always accept a dare. (Can't stand to be

called a coward!)

- Will always avenge an insult, to himself or

beloved object/person (choose, if both, counts

as two).

- Will never ask for or accept any kind of help.

- Will always defend/protect/avenge a comrade.

- Will never steal.

- Will never cheat or lie.

- Will never give up or back out of an


- Will always act "civilized", will never break

the law.

- Will always help/support others in need.

- Will never surrender or accept final defeat until dead.

In order to break any of these restrictions, roll off WP vs. 20. If successful, you may break your code in one specific instance immediately, but you will afterwards suffer a -4 to all rolls for 10x your WP in days.

1 extra point per randomly rolled point of honor.

Color Blind (3) You are totally color blind.

Curious (3 6 9) A curious character has to find out! No matter how stupid or dangerous finding out will be, the curious character can’t stand not knowing something. He/she will peek behind doors, open packages, follow strange people to sinister destinations, taste unknown liquids, and just generally make a terrible nuisance of themselves. Anytime the player would prefer to control his character’s curiosity, the character must roll off half their WP vs. 5, 10 or 15 (depending on level taken). If failed, they must open the door, follow the sinister stranger, eavesdrop on the conspiratorial conversation, step into the dark secret passage, taste the unknown fluid, or do whatever other idiotic thing the situation demands. DM will dictate when roll offs must be made, at his discretion.

Cursed (5-10-20) Character pissed somebody off whom he/she never thought could do anything like this, and has been afflicted with some sort of random nastiness. The higher the level of this attribute, the worse the curse.

Dead (25) You are. This causes large minuses to all roll-offs, but on the other hand, is easily roleplayed.

Dependent NPC (6-12-20) Unlike a Comrade, this is an NPC companion who is actually a hindrance rather than a help. Such NPCs cannot be skilled at much of anything useful, and are dependent on your character for their continued survival. Your character is committed and devoted to the NPC, and will under no circumstances neglect, harm, or allow them to come to harm. If such harm should come to them, your morale will be devastated. At first level, your NPC can have 2 useful skills (non-combat) and 2 positive attributes of your choice, and may fulfill some moderately useful function (cook, sexual companionship, etc.) that has no actual system function beyond Morale. They may not clean your weapons, fight, heal, practice magic, pick pockets, or do anything else that is more useful than cooking. At second level, they may have one useful skill and positive attribute, and may still be functional. At third level, the NPC has no positive attributes, no useful skills, and does absolutely nothing to be of any use to you at all (an aged parent or a baby are good examples of this). These NPCs will generally not deliberately put you in harm's way, but may anyway, out of greediness or stupidity. All Dependent NPCs receive a d10 + (2 per level) Negative Attributes, rolled randomly.

Detailed Background (4) All detailed BGs are subject to DM approval and must be given to the DM before the character will be allowed to begin play. Detailed BGs must be a minimum of 200 words long.

Dislikeable (2-6-10) The opposite of Likeable.

Duty (4-8-12) A character with a Duty owes allegiance to another character, organization, or general group, and will be called upon by he/she/them periodically to perform services for them. At first level, the Character need only perform one service per season, and can "buy off" services by substituting other services or monetary offerings once per year. At second level, the Character owes two services per season, and would hesitate before trying to "buy off" his obligations; roll off 1/2 WP vs. 10 in order to do so,and you may only do so once per year. At third level, the character has a Total Duty and would never even consider trying to squirm out of any obligations. Players who try to avoid their PC’s Duties will be considered to be playing out of character and will be penalized at DM’s option. Virtually all Special Trainings (Tengish Knights, Kinship, Priesthoods, etc) convey a Total Duty to the organization and possibly others... Tengish Knights owe Total Duty not only to the Knighthood, but also to the Realm of Ona Tengu, for example.

Easily Seduced (2-4-6) -4 per level to WP roll offs vs. Sex Appeal.

Fat (special) For every point spend on this attribute, the person has his/her weight increased by 10%, and exhaustion, constitution, and agility reduced by one (1). Fat also decreases encumbrance capacity and increases chances of heart failure when making Age rolls.

Frail (3-8-15) Opposite of "Hardy".


French (400) You worship Jerry Lewis, rarely bathe, speak no intelligible language, and hate anyone who isn’t also French. The DM will blast you with lightning within moments of the beginning of play, so no more need be said.


Generous (3-8-15) A character with this attribute must make 1/2 WP roll offs whenever he would normally spend money in

order not to spend more than necessary ("Keep the change, for your trouble") or whenever an opportunity to spend money on a good cause comes along. If he fails the roll off, he will spend 1% more per 1 failed by for purchases, and will contribute up to 1/10 of his current money/worth towards good causes.

Greedy (5-9-14) You must make a ˝ WP roll off vs 5, 10 or 15 per level taken to pass up any opportunity to enrich yourself. If failed, you will do whatever is necessary to get the bucks, regardless how obviously stupid, moronic, or short sighted it may be. Cash, gems, jewelry, and anything else with an obvious and immediate resale value will engage your avaricious interest. This attribute at any level gives a character, during Character Generation only, Fast Learner at Recognize Value.

Gullible (4-9-15) Roll off ˝ WP vs. 5, 10 or 15, depending on level, to disbelieve anything anyone tells you. Roll off vs. 5 less to not go along with "friendly" advice or suggestions, or to refuse any offer of friendship or aid that seems honestly meant. A Gullible character is also -1 per level to any WP roll offs versus Persuasion or Sex Appeal.

Heavy Sleeper (2-4-8) Opposite of "Light Sleeper". The Heavy Sleeper will also take longer to come fully awake (+1 round per level) and has -1 per level to Sleeping Alertness rolls.

Hard Drinker (3 6 9) The Hard Drinking character is not an alcoholic, but when in town he/she will spend most of their free time drinking. Any time the character is not training or adventuring, they will be under some sort of minus due to inebriation (DM will require Drinking roll offs to determine these minuses when appropriate). Hard Drinkers will spend money on drink until they run out; if a player wants his PC to stop spending money, the PC must roll off ˝ WP vs. 5, 10 or 15 to do so. If the roll is blown by 10, the PC must attempt to borrow money or cadge drinks somehow. Hard Drinkers will also be at Hangover minuses each day following a night out, said minuses equal to a d20 - (Frt + Level of Holds Drink Well), min -2.

Hard of Hearing (4-8-15) At first level, all hearing based attentiveness roll-offs are reduced by 4. At second level they are reduced by 8, and at third level the person is completely deaf.

Heat Susceptible (3-6-10) At above 86 degrees, the character suffers a -1 to all roll offs per level of this attribute. At Extremely Heat Susceptible, the character takes a d4 + 1 pain minuses per hour spent under such hot conditions. These minuses will halve after one hour and disappear after (15 - FRT) days of recovery out of the heat.

Hunted (4-9-18) If you are hunted, the character has performed some action against an individual or group (player discretion) and they're really mad at you. At first level, the person (or group) will actively seek revenge only if you happen to be handy (in the immediate area). If you take Hunted at level two, the person hunting you will actively do so as long as he or she feels you are accessible to revenge. At third level, that's it... You've angered someone bad enough for him to constantly hire assassins, post rewards, summon demons, release tailored viruses, you name it, to pursue you to the ends of the world and kill you like the cringing dog that you are. Entire family fortunes are spent to track you down at this level. For considerably less points, second and third level Hunteds may be taken in which only the character's capture, humiliation, imprisonment, or excruciating agony is desired; see DM for details.

Inattentive (3-5-9) Opposite of "Alert".

Infamous (4-9-14) Just like "Famous", but you did something really mean and/or stupid that people know you for and that you will NEVER live down.

Lazy (5-12-20) Roll off ˝ WP vs. 5, 10 or 15 once per day before making any skill rolls. For every 1 roll off is failed by, lose 1 hours training. If blown by 10, for every 1 after 10 roll is blown by, lose 1 Day to Day Living Activity (you're too lazy to clean your weapons or write in your journal). For starting characters only, add 1 to all Skill difficulties the character attempts to Learn.

Lean (v) Like Fat, for each point spent on this attribute, a person subtracts 10% from their normal figured body weight. Lean people, unlike Fat people, cannot do anything to adjust their Leanness. Lean people cannot be fat, and you cannot take more than 4 levels of Lean.

Lousy Voice (4-8-12) The person not only can't carry a tune in a bucket, but also has a voice that is just unpleasant to listen to. -1 per level to all roll offs requiring speech (Leadership, Singing, Persuasion, Acting, Storyteller, Seduction, etc.)

Miserly (3-7-11) The character hates to spend money. Upon any attempt to part with money or valuables, the character must make a roll off of 1/2 Willpower vs 5, 10, or 15( depending on level taken) to do so. If failed, the character will absolutely refuse to relinquish the goodies. The character may roll again if a new, lower price is set after a successful Persuasion roll.

Modest (2-4-6) If a person is modest, he or she may not speak of their personal exploits unless a successful ˝ WP roll off vs. 5, 10 or 15, depending on level, is made. This same roll off must be made for the character to speak up in their own defense if they feel that someone else is taking credit for something they have done.

Mute (12) The person is unable to speak.

Needs More Sleep (8) When out adventuring, either you don't stay up on watch, or you train for two hours less every day, or you operate under a permanent -3 because you're so damn tired all the time. In town, you always get 2 hours less training than anyone else because if you can get enough sleep, you will.

Negative Physical Characteristic (3-6) Rolled randomly for 6 points, or chosen from a list for 3, this is one of several deformities, ranging from rather minor ones - webbed fingers - to fairly serious ones - hunchback, non-functional sex organs, etc.

Nice (2-4-6) One level down from Altruistic. Nice characters will suffer great inconvenience or discomfort to help someone in need, but will not risk actual bodily harm or death. Altruistic is considered to include this. Roll off ˝ WP vs. 10, 15 or 20 not to render aid in a situation as described above. This does not mean you have to give people money whenever they ask (see Generous) but you will if it is for something they need. Nice characters are considered to be friends to all for purposes of Persuasion rolls.

Outlawed (4-8-12) You have been booted out of your homelands; if the law catches you near them again, they'll hang your ass. For every level a character takes this, the more loathed, despised, and well-known they are back wherever they came from, the larger the area they've been kicked out of, and the more likely they are to be recognized if they ever go back. Taking this at maximum brings up the chance of someone actually maybe coming after you. This attribute includes "Branded" unless the points are halved.

Overconfident (5-10-15) The overconfident character feels he can handle anything that comes his way. Any time a task or challenge presents itself that they player would prefer not to undertake, the overconfident PC must roll half his WP vs. 5, 10 or 15. If failed, he will undertake the challenge with great enthusiasm. Taking Overconfident in combination with Altruistic, Nice or Truthful will double those attributes' values, but also doubles WP roll off difficulties for them. Overconfident characters will also attempt to talk their comrades into undertaking tasks and challenges on failed roll offs, and may have to be sedated, gagged or beaten unconscious before they'll desist!

Packrat (5-9-15) Character must roll off ˝ WP vs. 5, 10 or 15 once a day when in town, whenever he wants to discard something, or whenever he sees someone else discard something. If failed, the character grabs the discard, or cannot discard the item, or buys a random piece of useless bricbrac. This will take up a d4/4 spaces and weigh a d4/4 pounds. If left undefined, a Scrounging or Tinker roll off vs. 24 can be made to find some odd function for it in a specific situation. If defined, you can use it if you can convince the DM you can (good luck!).

Pain Susceptible (4-9-16) At first level, this attribute subtracts 1 from your PC's pain level. At second, it adds 1 to every pain minus you take. At third, you roll a d4 instead of a d6 to check for collapse.

Phobia (4-10) If a person has a phobia, then that person will tend to act unreasonably when exposed to the object or situation that causes it. If a person is "Afraid of ...", then a person is -4 to all ratings when exposed to that situation. If a person is "Very Afraid of ...", then the person is a -8 to all ratings and must make a willpower roll-off vs. 10 or freeze. The phobia is rolled randomly. If the player picks it then the cost is (3-8).

Poor Balance (3-6-10) Opposite of "Good Balance".

Poor Eyesight (3-6-10) Opposite of "Good Eyesight".

Poor Memory (8-10-12) Adds +1 per level to chance of losing skill points during Learning rolls, i.e., someone with Very Poor Memory would have a chance to lose skill points on 18, 19 or 20. As a starting character only, player may choose to either increase all skill difficulties by 1 or to fail all skill rolls on a 1-2.

Poor Swimmer (1-2-3) Character is -1 per level to all swimming roll offs; an "extremely poor swimmer" not only can't do it, but tends to panic and/or go down like a rock upon being immersed.

Random Negative (9) As in Random Attribute, only this generates negative attributes which go up on a 3-6 on a d6, which must be rolled for each negative taken this way. If a Random Negative is rolled that duplicates or conflicts with attributes already taken, the attribute is re-rolled.

Sheltered (6-12) A sheltered character has little or no experience with the "real" world. During play, they must make roll offs as if Very Squeamish, Very Altruistic, and Very Gullible. However, each time a roll off is failed, the roll off difficulties will be reduced by one to represent the character's gradual "hardening". For the lower value, roll offs are eliminated when the difficulty reaches zero. For the higher value, roll off difficulties are only ever reduced to 1, and then these attributes become a permanent part of the character; the character will always be a little soft-hearted. The player should have a good rationale for why his character is like this.

Shock Susceptible (3-6-10) The opposite of "Shock Resistant".

Skill Points (special) For every negative attribute point spent, a person may subtract three skill points.

Slow Healer (5-10-20) Adds 10% per level of attribute taken to all Healing times.

Slow Learner (Skill) (8-10-12) The character has a -1 to Learning rolls per level at a random skill. The character fails ALL skill rolls on a 2 or less during character set up.

Slow Thinker (3-6-9) -1 to Initiative per level. At each level, the character is given only 3, 2, or 1 minute(s) to make crucial decisions. In combat, the character has only 20, 10, or 5 seconds to decide options before Pausing.

Slow Runner (2-4-8) Opposite of "Fast Runner".

Smart Ass (3-6-9) The Smart Ass character must roll off 1/2 WP vs. 5, 10 or 15 per level not to make a snide crack at times when doing so would be inadvisable.

Squeamish (4-9-15) -1 per level to Attack and Initiative, as you don't want to make a mess. Fortitude vs. 5, 10 or 15 depending on level not to be violently sick at gory sights. Extremely Squeamish characters must make this roll at the sight of anything vaguely disturbing--blood, scars, open sores, etc. If blown by 10, the character faints for d10 minutes.

Susceptible to Cold (2-4-8) Opposite of "Cold Resistant".

Susceptible to Disease (2-4-8) Opposite of "Disease Resistant".

Truthful (4-9-15) Roll ˝ WP vs. 5, 10 or 15 whenever you want to lie. You must succeed by 10 to tell an utter fabrication; success by less will allow you to attempt to mislead without actually out and out lying. If the roll is failed, you must tell the complete truth, regardless of the possible consequences.

Ugly (3-6-9) Opposite of "Attractive".

Unlucky (5-10-15) At first level, the Unlucky character must make all required Luck roll offs twice and take whichever result is less favorable to the character. For each additional level, the DM will assign a specific type of roll that the Unlucky character must roll twice whenever such roll offs are required, again taking the worst result. DM is not only allowed, but required, to be truly vicious in choosing these types of dice rolls; if your character has any combat skill at all, you can bet he’ll be rolling his attack d30s twice and taking the lowest, and if a PC takes this three times, you can assume the third dice type will probably be whatever roll the PC makes to utilize his most useful skill. This attribute does not count for Group Luck Rolls unless everyone in the group has it.

Vain (3-6-9) Vain characters are -1 per level to all WP roll offs versus flattery based Persuasion. Vain characters must also take the skill Grooming at 2x the level of the attribute, and whenever they feel they are disheveled, they must make a ˝ WP roll off vs. 10, 15, or 20, depending on level, not to immediately Groom themselves, regardless of how inconvenient, inappropriate, or outright stupidly dangerous it might be in the current situation. Vain characters always carry a mirror, and suffer -1 to their Morale when their mirror and grooming equipment is lost or taken away.

Worse Statistic (v.) 1 point per 1 taken off any Primary Statistic.