Scenario 2/10/96 Year of the Cat Day 74

Players: Mark, Nate, Scott, Tony, Mike, Chris M.

A girl has disappeared from the small True Believer community of Blessed Book, about three days southeast of Sottli Ban. The girl, Affrea Pureheart, was found missing after a strange incident - the entire village of Blessed Book went to sleep for two days. Tracks leading through the community led straight to the Pureheart house and then off in the direction of Sottli Ban; the tracks indicate that Affrea was abducted by a party of five mounted men.

Several Church Hawks have been dispatched to find Affrea and bring her safely home again. They are currently in Sottli Ban, asking questions. A True Believer merchant, Morshedon Thirst-For-Truth, has informed the Church Hawks that a party of five mounted men was seen to enter the city by the southeastern gate with a comely young Northark lass aged around 13 or 14. Morshedon has also identified the men as Vasko A'Lordica a one time mercenary captain turned caravan guard and general sellsword, and four of his men, who normally spend trade season hiring out to guard caravans, and off season working as building guards for any city boss who will hire them. Morshedon does not know Vasko's present whereabouts, but he has heard that Vasko and his men were recently involved in an altercation on the docks. Morshedon has since arranged for one of the Guardsmen involved in reporting that altercation to meet with the Church Hawks at an inn called the Cracked Helm on the night of day 74.

Saran, Arkathius, and Zarkon, after disposing of their comrades' bodies, almost immediately encountered Master Vivian down at the waterfront. She cursed them out mightily, and then told them to go to an inn called the Cracked Helm on the night of day 74, and seek out a party led by a zuma. Although the zuma's business would seem to have nothing to do with them, joining him would be their next step. The zuma might well be suspicious of them, but they would have to allay his fears as best they could.

At the meeting with the guard are two others of note - a Tengish Knight named Sir Polimus, a Northark, who is Affrea's natural father. He has been notified by carrier pigeon, by the girl's grandparents, that she has been abducted and is probably in Sottli Ban. When he went to speak with the city guards about the girl, he found out Vasko's name, and that Vasko and an unidentified Northark girl had been involved in some kind of waterfront brawl in which Vasko himself was killed. Sir Polimus has accompanied the city Guardsman to the meeting at the Cracked Helm. And, at a nearby table, looking for work, is Nate's character.

BACKGROUND: Vasko A'Lordica has actually been having an affair with Affrea that began this summer, when a caravan he worked for stopped off near Blessed Book for several days. She had wanted him to take her away with him to Sottli Ban, but he knew that the community would send armed men after her and didn't want that kind of trouble. Several days ago, he was approached by a man called Sunder Hallowbane (actually a thrallbody for the Jhareesh called Virillian) and told that if he wanted to take the girl, Sunder would make it possible for him to get at least a full day's head start. Vasko agreed and after Sunder apparently caused the entire village to fall asleep, he had no trouble removing Affrea.

However, after arriving in Sottli Ban and securing positions working for a boss in Hisk's Quarter named Isskandaris, Vasko took Affrea and a few of his men, including a Jeopard called Snaussage, to Skull's Inn for a night out. They were jumped by Fennis' mercenaries, Vasko was killed, and Affrea was taken. Only Snaussage survived, and was found bleeding by the guards.