2/12/94 Scenario for Sabre and Emerald

Kinship has job for Emerald & Sabre - infiltrate household staff of Master X, a mysterious figure who has a vast estate on the main Taduesz Isles. Master X is rarely, if ever seen, and then he/she is clad only in a killcloak. He/she lives for the most part in a stone tower on the estate, secluded from the other estate buildings. To protect his/her privacy, Master X employes about sixty estate guards. However, the Taduesz Brotherhood forbids weapons of any sort on the island, and to comply with these restrictions, Master X has recruited unarmed fighters. Several other former pirate lords on the island - Sako, a half-Sottle, half-Durshi; Harn, a nurkala jeopard; and Victoral, a grey Giant - have recruited their guards in a similar fashion.

Sako, Harn, Victoral, and Master X will all have representatives in Sottli Ban for the Grand Fist Fight, the year's most auspicious unarmed combat event, held in a warehouse-like building in Grennda's Quarter. All of these bosses will be planning to recruit heavily from the contestants. Obviously, the more successful contestants will be more sought after.

The Kinship has heard various rumors that Master X has a large collection of one of a kind magical artifacts. So far, his security has resisted all attempts at getting an operative into his organization. However, if Sabre can do well in the Grand Fist Fight, it's almost certain that Master X will recruit him. Thus, Emerald, as his quiver, will be inside Master X's estate.

While Sabre is fighting, the Kinship would like Emerald to attempt to steal something from a Sottle merchant named Linndo. Linndo is a protege of Pinndo, and is in charge of the Grand Fist Fight. Linndo has refused to purchase Kinship protection for the event or for his own business doings in Sottli Ban, relying on his status as a major Sottle merchant to keep thieves in line. The Kinship wishes to demonstrate that even the highest require their services.

Linndo has the receipts from tickets and fighter entry fees in a first floor warehouse. The standard Sottle magical wards, which will teleport any unauthorized intruder to a point 1000 feet above the middle of the River offshore of Sottli Ban, are in place in the room. In order to enter the room, one needs a 'ward key', a temporally enchanted device which makes the wearer immune to teleportation. These were made in ancient times and are rarely replaced; they take the shape of brass, coin shaped medallions with Sottle runes on both sides. Linndo has been given one which he keeps in his pocket. The Kinship will inform Emerald of this. She must obtain the coin; after which, she can simply enter the office. However, there is a zuma on guard outside it, more to keep people from wandering into the warded area than anything else; Emerald will have to deal with him, too.