The Mage's Guild

Requirements: Master Mage status (Mastery of all five Magical Circles)

OR River College Curriculum Graduate status.

Members of the Mage's Guild must research at least one original spell per year and submit it to the High Council for judging. This requires the member to make 8 copies of the spell for submission to the council. The High Council picks four spells per year - one per season - to be awarded the Excellence In Research Award, and to be recorded permanently in the annals of the Guild. The Excellence in Research Award, in addition to conveying great status on its winner, also carries with it a 3 silver piece cash bonus and forgiveness of all Guild debts for the next year.

The Mage's Guild has an established schedule of fees for various Thaumaturgical Services which its members are expected to adhere to. Complaints of unfair pricing practices can be cause for review and even expulsion from the Guild.

Membership in the Guild has the following benefits:

Access to the Guild Halls -

Small room - 2 bits per night

Large room - 5 bits per night

Suite - 1 gold per night

Library - 1 bit per day of use

Librarian - 1 bit per question or service

Laboratory - 3 bits per day if you provide your own material components, 1 silver damage deposit

Magical labs have built in pentacles, alchemical labs come with equipment

Meals - Standard 1 bit per day

Master's Table 1 bit per meal

Scribe - 1 bit per page. Spells require 1 page per 1 memorization cost.

Test Subjects - 75 gold per + 2 silver damage deposit

Guild Store - purchase common material components for 20% less than any place else!

Storage of Valuables - 1 gold per season

All Guild members are entitled to 'run a tab' for Guild Services, but all accounts are due at the end of each quarter/season. Guild Members who cannot pay their accounts in full in cash, or who would rather not, may be required to work the amount off at the Guild.

Members also have access to the Guild Bulletin Board, where commissions are offered, books and magic items are offered for sale or trade, etc. Members also may avail themselves of the normal Magical services for 20% off the scheduled Guild Fee.




Teleportation - 75 gold per person per teleport to listed coordinates (another city Guild Hall)

150 gold per person per teleport to non-listed coordinates

Magic Mail - 5 gold per package up to 10 lbs, +1 gold per 5 pounds after, to cities with a Mage's Guild in them. 10 gold per package to unlisted coordinates.

Spirit summoning 100 gold for 20 minutes, +1 gold per minute extra

Spirit Exorcism 150 gold

Necromantic Enchantment 150 gold + 1 gold per spell difficulty

Temporal Enchantment 900 gold + 1 gold per spell difficulty

Removal of Curse 90 gold

Truth Telling 1 gold per question

Geasing 75 gold +1 gold per spell difficulty

Healing 50 gold per minus

Regeneration 75 gold + 1 gold per ounce of flesh regenerated (3 gold per ounce of burned flesh)

Crop Enhancement 3 gold per acre