Learned Abilities Enhancement System

A PC may learn new skills or enhance the skills she already has by studying, practicing, or being trained. All of these things are basic parts of the process of learning, and all work basically the same way:

Increased skill levels are bought with skill points (see Skills). Skill points are generated by successful d20 rolls where a PCS Reasoning or less are rolled. These skills rolls are the result of a PC spending at least one hour per day attempting to Learn a specific skill.

The PC may spend more than one hour per day on a specific skill, if they have the time, but they will still receive only one d20 roll to that skill. For every hour after the first spent on that skill, the PC may add 1 to their Reasoning for that day’s skill roll. So, if a character spends 4 hours in one day practicing their Weapon skill, they will gain a skill point if they successfully roll their Reasoning +3 or less on a d20.

If a character receives training in a particular skill from another character who has a higher level of that skill, the character can add the difference in levels to their Reasoning for that skill roll, as well. The trainer may roll as if self training for one hour only, regardless of how long they spend training the other character. This is why good trainers charge so much for their time and effort.

A particular skill may only be rolled for once per day, but a character may train in as many skills as they have hours free that day. Or they can concentrate all their time that day on one skill.

Whenever a character rolls a 1 on a d20 skill roll, they receive 2 skill points to that skill. However, whenever a character rolls a 20, they must immediately make another Learning roll. If they fail to roll their Reasoning or less on this second (saving) roll, then they will lose 1 point to a d4 of randomly chosen skills. This gradual skill loss, over time, simulates the erosion of acquired ability in areas not regularly practiced at.

Characters may attempt to Learn for a maximum number of hours per day as follows:

Traveling, optimum time, unescorted (adventuring) 4 hrs per day

In City, Full Time Job 4 hrs per day

In City, Part Time Job 8 hrs per day

In City, Self Supporting 12 hrs per day

Bribing the DM +1 hr per $100

Traveling, escorted (caravan) 6 hrs per day

In City, 2 full time jobs 0

In City, Full time job + Part time job 2 hrs per day