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Trained to kill, to fly by night...

It has been 10 years since the disbanding of Schwarz and the Weiss Kreuz assassins have retired. Not from assassination, but from their missions. Now they train a new generation of assassins: The White Dragons.

The roar of rightousness echoes throughout the land but a dark answer echoes back

After the fall of Schwarz another evil group rose from it's ashes. They are Wakiza, a group of specially trained assassins. They fight the White Dragon's in hope of eliminating them.

The horn cries it's victorious strains, calling the chosen to the battlefield, to take up the weapons...

The stability and safety of Japan rests on your shoulders now...will you wear with pride the insignia of the brazen White Dragon...or stalk thru the shadows?

||Attention! Attention!||
I am currently looking for people to play the Senseis of the White Dragons. If you would like to do so, please fill out a CIS with the information of the Sensei you would like to play and send it to me.
I only ask you stay true to their histories until Weiss retired and then you can take whatever course you wish for them, just take into account they may have wives and children.

The White Dragon Base
The Wakiza Base
Dark Gallery
The Odd Stuff

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