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Enter my world

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(This site is dedicated to my main role played character Panther. Other characters are listed on the Mun page. Panther is my baby, and after 5 1/2 years of playing him I think he deserves a site better then this one, but hey, I'm poor. This will have to do. There are little programs, polls, a guestbook and other little things all over the site. Make sure to check around and see them all. Enjoy!)

(EVIL POP UP AD HELP: Ok I'm poor and can't afford a site that doesn't have pop up ads. But here's instructions on how to keep them from popping up as you view this website. Simple... did you see the long small rectangular box that popped up and you've probably closed by now? LEAVE IT OPEN!! Just minimize it and you'll be pop up ad free the rest of your stay here. Trust me on this. It's been proven. If you've closed it by now don't worry. It'll be back once you click to enter the site.)

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