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Mean Streets Support Site    


This page contains all of the exclusive and free downloads for Deep7's RPG of classic film noir Mean Streets

This area will continue to grow as more free material is made available for Deep7's Mean Streets role-playing game. Download the items you want by clicking on the icon. All files are in Adobe Acrobat 4.0 format unless otherwise specified.

Dark Companion Excerpts
Contains sample pages from the latest Mean Streets sourcebook, Dark Companion. This supplement to the core rules expands upon the information presented in Mean Streets, providing both GMs and players with a wealth of extra setting material and crunchy bits. For Mean Streets players, the Companion contains new character archetypes, skills, assets, liabilities, behavior tags and additional firearms and vehciles. GMs are provided with a wealth of setting material in the form of detailed plot seeds, fully fleshed-out NPCs and how to incorporate them into a film noir campaign and added information on life in 1940s America. Download the sample pages by clicking here.

Concrete Jungle Excerpts
Contains sample pages from the second supplement for Mean Streets, the RPG of classic film noir. Concrete Jungle is an indespensable sourcebook for the City That Never Sleeps, the Big Apple, New York City. Mean Streets author Mark Bruno has delved into more detail on this cornerstone metropolis, giving players and GMs info on the city's history, boroughs, law enforcement and stats for high-profile NPCs. Download the sample pages by clicking here.

Fantasy Noir Supplement
That Old Black Magic, a free fantasy noir setting for use with Mean Streets, presents an alternate setting for the game, incorporating sorcery against the backdrop of 1940s Hollywood. It's a world where gangsters in expensive suits are master sorcerers, spirits get the third degree from cops, zombies come six to a crate just like bon-bons, and your landlady is a licensed witch. Download the free supplement by clicking here.

Vendetta Sample Pages
Download excerpts from Vendetta, a gangland sourcebook for Mean Streets, by clicking here.

Mean Streets Index
Download a copy of the Mean Streets index by clicking here.

Mean Streets Sample Pages
Download sample excerpts from Deep7's RPG Mean Streets' by clicking here. This 250K PDF file contains four sample pages, as well as the game's table of contents.

Mean Streets Character Sheet
Download the free PDF character sheet for use with Mean Streets by clicking here.