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+Cheak out the ShadowsWorkshop Forum!

+Some Download errors and web link errors fixed 16/05/04

+Chipsets and Panaroma's added to the rm2k section 21/04/04

+A new character set added in Rm95 Section Mario!

+ Download Section updated a little bit more.

+ I have corrected the rpgmaker95 download link,now it's correctly working,but if problem's still occur while trying to download it,please email me at

+ I have added a Forum,for support,if anyone has any question relating to the download's of rm95,2k please visit the forum,or for troubleshooting for the program's,just visit the forum.


+ Shadows Workshop has now two joint owners, I run this website which is only related to Rpg's and the other website is run by Uther which is all about 3d art. I hope you guys enjoy this expansion of Shadows Workshop, and I hope you guys have a great New Years .


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