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- Last Update was on September 9-
Click here to play Runescape!

There are currently over 2,000+ members in SeeD (total)
There are 477 members on the old member list

 November 8, 2005: Star Wars: Jedi Academy Clan Forums Up!    

Yes both me and Garylittle and a few others have created a xbox live clan on Star Wars: Jedi Academy the 6-8 Council members have been chosen. Me and Garylittle are council members of course and if you wish to join this clan run off of SeeD please post in the forums.


This Page is affiliated with Cspacezone and is a exact copy except for some minor changes all credit is to Cspacezone and is linked to since this is a help page link sorry for inconvenience.

         A new RPG is born: September 5

There is still some work to be done, but CurvedSpace and SeeD now link to the same board. Don't expect a quick increase in traffic, though I can guarantee that the forums will grow steadily from traffic on both sites. The next update here will probably include the gradient background for titles to be included everywhere (like on CurvedSpace), as well as the promised leadership update.


          Welcome to the New Site: September 9

Hey hey hope you guys like the new look this is more like the SeeD

Home page look but hey it is less confusing well anyways

there will be changes and suchnots to the sites and

I hope you like the new look so everyone have fun.


         Questions for Me?: September 7

Well guys The New quest helpage is bieng updated for

your convienience so don't fret it will be back on soon

I hope well have fun go to the Koreign RPG Link to

play and to ask me or my friends or relatives questions

they will be working on this too so see ya guys


 October 28 2002: Legend of Dragoon music available it's pretty good stuff

Download these music titles there pretty good just listen to em man:




Eyes on me




         Meetings for SeeD: September 9

"That's right, due to popular demand, we will be having meetings at our new HQ (the Jolly Boar Inn) every Saturday from 2-3 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (time may change depending on everyone's schedules) on World 9.  I may not be able to make it to each one (I will try my best), but this is the best way to meet other SeeDs if everyone takes advantage of this.  These meetings are likely to continue as long as everyone feels that they are successful.  They may consist of parties, spontaneous events, or just talking to other SeeDs about happenings in the clan and Runescape.  The first meeting will be held on June 28.  Ignore Everything else on this site its under construction.P>

 November 21 2002: New music for SeeD members and a rune_members.exe download...


         Gaia Chat Server for Vampire Clan of Blood Red Moon

Free Java Chat Room




 November 25 2002: new mining and smithing information!        

hello everyone as you know it seems you get xp faster in mining that is true also with smithing it is because they balanced the new systems out so that iron gives the xp of coal coal gives the experience of gold, gold gives expereince and of mithril and so on and runeite gives about from what i heard about 50xp more this is the same with smithing. I gained from 101000xp to 109876xp in one hour so it seems they have updated the mining and smithing experience give outs.


Sincerely Nottygirl :-)

 May 23 2003


Hiya my alpha version of this FF7 passtime game for seed is out so try it out guys its fun and tell me what you thin say about i in the Video Game Galaxy sub-forum o.k. well got to get back 2 work. ahve a nice Summer


Sincerely Nottygirl

 Dragon Court: June 12, 2003

Hi guys here are the following SeeD's who have requested to join the DC game faction of SeeD it jsut means SeeD will get a higher reputation it is most likely what Cspace would want. So we could create a better rep for SeeD plus also make sure we don't lose members we are factioning off to other games like "Infantry Online Strategic war game, Lord of Lords, Runescape ( we already are in this) and DC (Dragon Court possibly DC2)". So here are the following names who have joined DC to help SeeDs reputation and make the clan grow (includes if the member has recieved there marks plus equipment to help them out):


Dragon Court Members:













Giant Problem


sir odin1