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Items there are 2 ways to get items, Buy them and build them. By building them you have to be smart and this is were intelligence comes in. If you get smart enough to build a space pod level 1. Than you will get one and from then on you will be able to get one but it will take you sometime. You will be able to train and build at the same time. For example you are on Vegita and you need to go to earth but you are training with King Vegita then you start building your space pod witch will depend on your intellingence. just write your intellingence and what you what to build and i will tell you how long it will take. In the e-mail put what the item is and how much it costs (if it is for sale) or if you are building it put what it is and your intelligence and your character name. Durability works by how many fights you were in and if you used it(spars don't do anything to durability). For example, if i used a tapion sword once during the fight and I hit someone with it, it loses 1 durability the whole fight. Some items aren't affected by this, like the mystic gloves for an example, they only lose durabitity 1 durability the whole fight if you punch someone and it hits. When an item is a 0 durabitlity it is broken or cracked, a smithy will repair the item> If there is no smithy on the planet you are at, you have the choice of using the repair technique, but repairing it on your own will lower its maximum durability by a half. My suggestion is to use it sparingly, and always save money to repair items at a smithy(smithy will repair the item for half its buying price).


-Attack drug 1,000(x5 on attack for the fight)
-Defence drug 1,000(x5 makes you fell no pain)
-Speed drug 1,000 (x5 your speed makes you run faster for the rest of the fight)
-P/L drug 1,000 (x5 your P/L for a the rest of the fight)
these are evil drugs and you may be hunted down and killed for using this. It may have some side effects and you will not be able to do nothing for the next day.

Items you can buy


-Blue Halo(Allows you to travel back & forth freely from Kai's to another planet)$ 12,000
-Green Halo(Allows one free passage from Kai's to another planet)$ 600
-Red Halo(Allows you to pass freely to a kaioshins planet)$ 14,000
-Space Pod (one) 5 days $1,000
-Space Pod (two) 3 days $2,000
-Space Pod (three) 1 day $3,000
-Gravity pod 1 day $5,000
-Group Gravity Pod (up to 10 people) $10,000
-Super Gravity pod (up to 20 peeps and 10 separate grav rooms) $50,000
-Mirror Station (holds up to 30 peeps and 15 separate grav rooms, and new moves made by scientists go here)$90,000 (alone) $40,000 (to add onto a super grav pod)

Space Fighters/Vessels

-Space Cruizer (more of a high speed ship than a fighter) $5,000
-Class 1 War Ship (well, can't say its the weakest) $10,000
-Class 2 War Ship (Can take out most ships) $15,000
-Class 3 War Ship (Quite easily take out most any ship listed before this) $ 35,000
-Bird of Prey (this ship has a steath ability and plenty of other cool options) $ 50,000
-Scientific Vessel (This ship contains the basic weapons and allows well... probibly more people than the RPG will have) $ 47,000


-Smoke Bomb(excape from battles)$ 500
-Flash Bomb(opponent cannot attack unless goes into a fade) $800

Training Items

-Body Restraints(Basicly, something that restrains your body, it will pulls your body apart if you allow it to, adds 4 to bonus, max is 1)$ 8,500
-Super Kata Stick( a false sword that adds 2 to bonus, max is 1) $2,000
-Kata Stick( a false sword that adds 1 to bonus, max is 1) $1,000
-Weighted Clothing (each adds + .1 a bonus, max is 10) $ 100
-Weighted Turban (adds 1 to bonus, max is 1) $ 1,100
-Weighted Cloak (adds 2 to bonus, max is 1) $ 2,500
-Super Weighted Clothing (adds 5 to bonus, max is 1) 10,000


-Senzu Bag (Contains 5 Senzu Beans, fits on belt) $ 750
-Super Senzu Bag (Contains 10 Senzu Beans, fits on belt) $ 1,500
-Senze beans (cures you complely in battle or off) $ 150
-Regeneration Pod (Heals a severed limb multiple uses) $ 7,000
-Regeneration Room (add on to any gravpod or space station and has 4 regeneration pods) $ 30,000
-Pouch of Senze Beans (5) $500


-Armor (x2 defence, Dur:3) $200
-Saiyan Armor (x3 defence, Dur:5)$400
-Superior Saiyan Armor (x5 defence, Dur:10)$1,000


-Glock 20 Special issue(a regularish pistol, good quality and reliability, easy to hide also and you can have a max of two of these, Dur:12)$8,450
-MP5 (a semi-automatic weapon, uses 30 round clips of 9mm bullets, has a choice of single shot, triple shot. or full auto, Dur:18) $16,600
-MP10 (a better stronger version of the MP5 which uses 30 round clips of 10mm bullets, single shot or full auto, Dur:26) $22,000
-UMP150 (somewhat like its cousin the MP5/10 alittle stronger, but uses 25 round clips of .50 cal bullets, singleshot, triple, or full auto, Dur:28) $28,000
-Grizzly 50 cal. (Top-of-the-line antitank weaponry, punches right though armors of all types, cannot be blocked(at all). Bolt action, takes 1 bullet at a time(bullets are expensive so use sparingly, Dur:32) $42,150
-C-10 cannister Rifle (Top-of-the-line Sniperrifle/tactical urban sniping wapon. Great weapon to take out Enemies which don't seem to want to quit stalking you, using regular 50 caliber bullets and its the only weapon that can fire explosive rounds. Very useful if you don't want to get too close and effective against enemies that cannot regenrerate or heal. The weapon itself is bolt do you have to reload each shot, and you have to buy exploding bulets. Dur:38) $63,600
-Caster rifle(uses Ki attacks that are stored in shells and is extremely effective against enemies of all types, most effective against Supersaiyans(distrupts ki levels returning them to normal for the rest of the fight), well balanced and effective, but requires you to load in caster shells one at a time, Dur:42) $87,250
-Mystic Gloves (Ki damage is doubled, Dur:22)$42,750
-Mystic sword (ki dammage is doubled, x4 attack, Dur:18) $16,000
-Regular sword (X2 attack, Dur:6) $5,000
-Corp sword (x5 attack, supposedly unbreakable if broken regenerates, comes with magnetic gloves and cant be dropped.) $12,000
-Taipan sword(Trunks's sword, Dur:16)5X attack also can cut off tails $10,000
-Golden Tapion sword(Trunk's sword only golden, Dur:28) x6 attack $24,000
-Punching Gloves (x2 attack, Dur:4) $3,000
-Steal Punching Gloves (X3 attack, Dur:7) $5,000
-Z sword (also to cut off a tail, Dur:8) x3 attack $8,000

Caster shells and Bullets

#3- Masenko attack encased in a shell(does x2 ur attack) $500(can only be found anywhere)
#5- Special beam cannon attack encased in a shell(does x3 your attack) $1,200(can only be found on earth)
#7- Kamehameha attack encased in a shell(does x5 your attack and drains 25% of your HP if you were fully healed) $7,300(can only be found on Earth)
#9- Genkai Dama encased in a shell(does x7 your attack and drains 45% of your HP if you were fully healed) $9,200(can only be found on Earth, Yadarat, and Namek)
#10- Big Bang encased in a shell(does X2 your attack) $750(can be found anywhere)
#11- Final Flash encased in a shell(does x6 ur attack and drains 32% of your HP if you were fully healed) $8,600(can be found on Earth, and Vegeta)
#13- Deadzone encased in a shell(opens rift to dead zone to kill immortals)$6,400(can only be found on Earth)
#14- Solarflare encased in a shell(blinds ur opponent till he goes into fade) $100
#16- Galic Gun encased in a shell(does X4 your attack and drains 10% of your HP if you were fully healed) $7,100(can be found only on planet Vegeta)
#19- Distructo Disc encased in a shell(does X3 your attack) $3,000(can be found anywhere)
-Small Clip of 9mm rounds(8 bullets), x2 attack, (for pistols only) $1,400
-Large clip of 9mm rounds (30 bullets), x2 attack (for semi-automatics using 9mm only) $3,200
-Large 10mm bullet clip(30 , x3 attack)(for $4,750
-.50 cal. bullet clip (25 bullets, x4 attack) $5,400
-50 cal. copper headed Antitank bullet(1, x10 attack, for Grizzly 50 cal.) $1,000 -50 cal. Explosive bullet clip, x7 attack,(pistols cannot fire this) (5 per clip) 5,400


-Item stash room (add on to any grav pod or space station and holds 10 items) $20,000
-Armor Room (this room comes with 20 Saiyan Armors) $8,000
-Small Back Pack (You can hold up to 5 items with you) $1,000
-Medium Back Pack (Holds up to 10 items) $2,000
-Large Back Pack (Holds all your Items) $5,000
-Small Trench coat (conceals up to 3 weapons) $1,000
-Large Trench coat (conceals up to 7 weapons, swords included) $4,500
***Back packs cannot hold Swords***
-Sheath (Can hold any sword) $300
-Red energy gem(holds 10% extra KI, 1 per hand, Dur:5) $5,000 each
-Orange energy gem(holds 25% extra Ki, 1 per hand, Dur:8) $8,000 each
-Blue energy gem(1 holds 50% extra Ki, 1 per hand, Dur:15) $10,000 each


-Green Scouter (scans up to 200,000 before overloading, Dur:6) $3,000
-Blue Scoutor (scans up to 500,000 PL before overloading, Dur:8) $6,000
-Red Scouter (scans up to 1,000,000 PL before overloading, Dur:10) $9,000
-Orange Scouter(scans up to any PL, Dur:Infinate) $30,000
-Dragon Radar $4,000


-Safe (This Item stops things from being stolen where ever you are.) $7,000 -Item stealer (it is a random item stealer you can not chose what item you want you might get a Z sword a pod or a weighted clothing but the person the got it stolen mite get mad) 6,000
-Saiya-jins (actully sayian men that can be trained to learn new moves and train to get higher power level but not as fast as you can ) 15,000
-Saibai-men $10,000 (your own men if they get stonger than you try to kill you)
-Namek Translator(This will allow you to speak Namekian tounge, unless you are Namekian)Ask Guru
-Custom Sword Shop(this allows you to make your own custom sword to build, and name. Every 1,000 dollars put into it, gives you 1 point, and you can add that to attack, speed, ki dammage, or durability. The Maximum is 40 points. The best swords have good balance of durability and attack, like the already made swords.) ask a editor or a room moderator for more information and instruction.

Items you can build

-space pod (one)
-space pod (two)
-space pod (three)
-gravity pod
-dragon radar
-Time Machine (cuts learning time in half)


We can't just let you run around in your skibbies can we? These are free!
-Orange Fighter Gi(Yamcha where's this)
-Red Fighter Gi(This is Goku's choice of clothing)
-Black Pants and tank(Trunk's clothing w/o the jacket)
-~~^~~ w/ jacket(same as above, but w/ the jacket)
-Purple pants w/ white tank(Tiens clothing of choice)
-Kaio-shin uniform(The things the Kaio-shins where)
-Purple Fighter Gi(Piccolo's clothing)
-Great Saiya-man uniform(you guessed it)
-Jeans & Shirt(nothing fancy, just comfy)
-Saiyan Clothing(looks like Saiyan Armor but no protective ability)
-Ninja Gi(like the clothes a ninja wear, black gi like goku's except he has a chain mail under it and he wears a mask)

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