The Blood Dancer.

You scoff. How very foolish of you to believe that the Illythiiri didn't know the secrets of the Bladesong in ages long past.

Long gone are my days of creeping in the shadows and hiding in wait. Those means are for beings of a cowardly bent. We Bladesingers are are risen above such dribble.

So saying, it is boldly into the fray I shall go; if I should come to meet my maker, I will at least have done so with a sense of pride and dignity that your ilk will never truly understand.

If drow were truly meant to skulk within the shadows, we'd not have stark white hair, would we?

Now, go back to hiding in your dark recesses, pathetic mewling....
-The Blood Dancer






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Xull'rae Zauviir

She is very closed mouth about her past, but it is known that she was adopted by the Zauviir family. Beyond that nothing is known, giving rise to wild stories and gossip of dark magic, scandal and murder; giving Xull'rae a reputation as colorful and frightful as her hair.

A spunky gal by nature, a hard woman by necessity, this blend of hot and cold makes her a very interesting individual. She has a temper as explosive as her humor is dark, she is one with many layers and each has a different face.

Often sour and irritated when having to deal with anyone she feels inferior to, she has a surprising knack for diplomatic and political issues with such professionalism and ease that is often hard to tell if she is friend or foe.

She has a no nonsense attitude during a given task or adventure that one will admire or despise but if one can get past all the obstacles she puts out will find Xull'rae is truly as complicated as one might have guessed.

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