Alrighty, this is the best pictorial references I've got on my character ShadowHeart (and at that, it's all thanks to the char creator on City of Villains and doing some cut and paste in Paint Shop Pro).

I'm not overly picky with exactness, so feel free to play with this general reference and give it your own touches if something comes to mind, by all means.

Eh, I suppose I should note a couple vitals that don't get relfected here. He's 6'1" tall, blue-grey eyes, the hair is more of a dirty blonde in color, and he's got a perpetual five o'clock shadow worth of fuzz on his face (i.e. looks like he hasn't shaved in a day or so)

This is the overall image. Colors for all leather (including holsters and belts) should be blacks. The shirt could be more of a dark grey (just means lighter/more faded than the rest of the black). The scarf and the small waistcloak should each be the same color (I couldn't change the waistcloak color without taking out all detail), which is a deep blue-grey.

This is the general type of pistols in that are in the four holsters. Feel free to have one out in hand if you'd like to draw one, but I'm perfectly fine with keeping them all holstered if it's a pain to do. I'm mainly noting this so that you have a clue what those are lol

This is the detail on the back of the pants (ignore the jacket, I simply forgot to take more screen shots without it).

This is the detail on the side of the pants.