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Ghost in the Shell

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Malaugrymsí are perfect shapeshifters whose greatest delight is extending a jawed tentacle down a living captive's throat and eating him from the inside out.
Also known as shadowmasters, malaugryms are creatures of pure evil native to some alien place. Consumed with a lust for power, they hungrily await any opportunity to venture to the Material Plane to extend their domination and acquire their favorite food. They use the Plane of Shadow to reach the Material Plane, leading to the (apparently mistaken) impression that they are native to that place.
In their natural form (almost never seen), malaugryms are spherical creatures about 4 feet in diameter, with three long, powerful tentacles tipped by razor sharp hooks, and a beaked mouth in the center of their bodies. Three large, round, golden eyes surround the beak. Their hide is rubbery and thick, mottled brown and green in color. They possess an innate levitation ability and hover in the air, tentacles coiling in constant motion.
Malaugryms do age, but they do not seem to die of old age. Though they might otherwise be immortal, very old malaugrymsí are typically eliminated by younger, stronger malaugryms hungry for their place and status.

Racial Traits:

  • Ability Score Modifiers
    +2 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +5 Intelligence, +3 Wisdom, +5 Charisma.

  • Alternate Form [Su]
    Malaugryms can assume the form of any creature less than deity status or a single object, as the Shapechange spell cast by a 20th level sorcerer.
    When assuming the form of a humanoid creature, a malaugrym's physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution) are the same as in its natural form, not the average scores for a member of that race. In any form, a malaugrym's true identity can be guessed at by the golden light that glimmers in its eyes. A Spot check (DC 20) is required to notice this telltale gleam.

  • Damage Reduction [Ex]
    Malaugrym are immune to all weapons, save for those that are magical or made from silver. Magic weapons deal damage normally to Malaugrym, while silver weapons do damage as noted below.

  • Silver Vulnerability [Ex]
    Silver weapons inflict the maximum possible damage against malaugryms. A malaugrym cannot heal damage caused by silver weapons naturally, including with its fast healing ability. Cure wounds spells and other magic heals this damage normally.

  • Fast Healing [Ex]
    Malaugrym gain Fast Healing 3, meaning they regain three points of damage per round, though this can never take them above their maximum hit point total.

  • Poison Immunity [Ex]
    Malaugrym are immune to all poisons.

  • Spell Resistance [Ex]
    A malaugrym's spell resistance starts out at a base 15, and increases by one per level.

  • Skill bonus
    When using an alternate form, a malaugrym receives a +10 circumstance bonus to Disguise checks, as with the shapechange spell.

  • Natural Weapons
    Malaugrym have a tentacle hook attack that does 1d6 + Strength modifier damage in their natural form.

Size: Medium

Base Speed: Flight 30 feet (perfect)

Automatic Languages: Common, Malaugrym
Bonus Languages: Any

Page Last Updated Feburary 23rd, 2005


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